"Let's be cheerful"! We have no more right to steal the brightness out of the day for our own family than we have to steal the purse of a stranger. Let us be as careful that our homes are furnished with pleasant & happy thoughts as we are that the rugs are the right color and texture & the furniture comfortable and beautiful"! Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, February 24, 2013

where we belong

Yesterday I prepared this wonderful quiche for lunch along with a sea salt, pepper and herb blend.  The only change that I made to the quiche recipe was to substitute whole milk for the heavy cream.  It was fun cooking something delicious and colorful for our midday meal because it meant I could photograph it.  I'd share more recipes and pictures of food but I'm a lousy photographer (if I can't get the shot on manual setting I don't take the shot) and all of my night time food pics turn out terrible.. Admittedly, these aren't the best either but they are much better than the evening ones.. trust me.

I've been knitting away at this simple little sweater from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I know it's not pink but I picked up the beautiful Olive colored Debbie Bliss cotton at a yard sale last summer and was waiting to know the sex of the baby before using it.  I've also cast on for the hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, the set is a size six to nine month and should fit next  late winter/early spring.

Me knitting, Larry working on antler mounts, the piano and the guitar making a joyful noise in the hands of these musicians...  We all have hobbies and interests that bring us pleasure and satisfaction after the schoolwork/work is done for the day.

We picked up my parents at the airport last night when they returned from 2 weeks on the Mediterranean. Hillary welcomed her husband home this morning after a month working in Alaska.  I'm breathing easier knowing that everyone is home safe and sound.  I think I'm beginning to paint a clear picture of my belief that everyone belongs at home.  It makes me squirmy when people aren't where they belong.

Last weekend we got Cory settled into his new apartment (still in the valley... not where he belongs)!  ;)

Blessings, Debbie  


  1. I understand Debbie, my mama's heart aches when my babies aren't where they are suppose to be.

    It's nice to see all the life being lived in your home and how much our lives are so similar. Now if I only had a baby to knit for!

    Enjoy the start to a new week and smile!

  2. I love the sweater and hat!

    Glad everyone is home - well, except for Cory! :)


  3. I know what you mean! I am so very thankful that all our chicks are here in Colorado. Even now with the two boys up in the mountains for vacation, I think about them when my head hits the pillow.
    Your baby knits are darling! I love that top knot hat!
    Yes, yes, yes. Home is BEST!
    Come over and see the Willows! They're back!

  4. Your photos turned out nice of your delicious looking quiche..yum!

    How exciting to be knitting for your own little precious granddaughter, it will be fun to see her wearing it!

    Have a lovely week. xo

  5. I've wondered why you don't talk about what you cook more often, since I am sure you're a good cook! The quiche looks yummy. Glad Hillary's husband is home safe!

  6. I always enjoy looking at your photos - they make me feel like I am there in the moment :) How wonderful to be knitting for your granddaughter :) And the quiche looks and sounds delicious!

    Have a lovely week.


  7. : Home :

    Yes! it is a good feeling. I hope I get that squirmy feeling when not everyone is home - where they belong - as my kids get older.

    Something to ponder...today.

  8. I totally know what you mean about the comfort of knowing everyone is where they belong. My son and his family live far, far away from us. But when they travel, I am a bit unsettled. I am always happy when they are back where they belong, even if it is far from me. (I admit though, I long for the day that "where they belong IS near me. Maybe some day...)

    Who knew that you were a "lousy photographer"? Certainly not me!!

    I want that quiche for lunch...right now. Even if it is not quite lunch time yet...

  9. I'm glad everyone is back where they are supposed to be, and that you're breathing easier! I get jumpy when my family members are away too. That little jacket looks so nice and cozy! :)

  10. Your quiche looks absolutely yummy! Also, the sweater you are knitting is adorable. I love the color...even for a baby girl! Glad that your loved ones are all safe and sound where they belong! :)

  11. I want to come and be the mouse in your house! Good food, good music, good knitting and antlers! What else is there? :)

  12. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who like to take pictures of our food and the loved ones who will gather around the table. Nourishing our families is so much fun (and tasty, too)!

  13. Such a comfy home - I am glad that right now my life is simple - people don't disappear especially now we are with one car...home is best!!

    That said - I would love to visit yours - it looks so comfy.

  14. That is one tasty looking quiche! Yum. Cozy time at home is the best.

  15. I love your home and all the people in it! As for your photography, I completely disagree, you are amazing. I am glad all your travelers are safe at home. Mind if a couple come your way around March 23rd?



  16. These photos speak of home and doing things that nurture. You have a very talented eye.
    I am thinking that olive green sweater will be a wonderful complementing color worn with anything pink!


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