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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hubby's hobby

Larry finished his antler mount and now we are just left with trying to figure out where to hang it. The perfect spot above the stairs is already taken and although we do have high ceilings.. they're not that high. Ah well, this is important so we'll find a place to showcase his prize.

Today the girls and I enjoyed over 600 pictures of Italy, Greece and Turkey.  Grandma brought her laptop and narrated an amazing slide show.  I just love home schooling.  I love that we can have an interruption to our schedule that has us putting away our books and living learning.  Of course it would be even better if we were the ones taking the over 600 pictures of Italy, Greece and Turkey.  I think it is just my lot in life to live vicariously through those who do.  At least we have beautiful, generous 'those who do's' in the family.  :)

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Love the antlers. Hmm. Yes, you need to find the right place. Not hidden away, but not taking eyes out. Not sure where we would hang antlers in our cottage. I'm beginning to understand why they tend to be hung up outside, above the front doors of cottages.

  2. The antlers remind me of the piles of horns outside so many Western Colorado establishments. Larry did a very fine job!

    I have some wild rice. I might have to cook it up!

    Yes, I love your school. Your good girls are richly blessed!

  3. Nice job to your hubs. Food...did you know I am an accomplished cook and baker? You wouldn't know it. I hate photographing food. I think your photos look fine. Honestly, blogs where everything looks like it was photographed with a professional and a light set-up scare me.

    Sigh - people who get to take trips. I am actually having a fit of jealousy right now. My 7 year-old niece is taking a trip to Washington D.C. and I am jealous on behalf of my daughters. Of course, Grace goes to a Christian school so and we chose to home school after trying the Christian School route so....

  4. The antlers look very nice. You are so good to put such thought into a place of honor for the 'prize'.

    I struggle with food photography too. Yours turned out good, mine always seems far away somehow. Really, the most important thing is that we share with each other (maybe I should take my own advice). xo

  5. Mmm, I love glazed carrots! In fact, the whole dinner sounds delicious. And the antler's look very nice, I hope you can find a good spot for them. The changeability of homeschool is a wonderful thing!

  6. Your dinner looks very healthy and appetizing. I love fish a lot but I'm not too keen on venison meats now although we ate lots of it when I was young, wild rabbits, moose and deer. Funny how things change when we live in the city after a while.

    I've seen some deer antlers displayed over the garage doors in the country.

    Take care, JB

  7. I never thought of mounting antlers or what that entails before. Hmmm. I should figure out how to display feathers. I have my little collection in vases and little jars in a certain bathroom. Oh, and some I have used to decorate a lamp shade. :)

  8. I think your food photo's are really good! Looks yummy! :)

  9. Are you kidding? Those carrots are making me really hungry! And the antlers look amazing. I am not even going to show my husband ... he will be jealous!
    Thanks for waiting for me in my quiet time....really.


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