"Let's be cheerful"! We have no more right to steal the brightness out of the day for our own family than we have to steal the purse of a stranger. Let us be as careful that our homes are furnished with pleasant & happy thoughts as we are that the rugs are the right color and texture & the furniture comfortable and beautiful"! Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, September 30, 2011


We have officially begun...  Better late than never, right?  We're off to a good start.  Quietly, gently getting back into the swing of our schedule.  Always flexible.  You never know what opportunities will present themselves.  For instance, at our Keepers meeting today one of the mom's showed up with her 7 day old Maggie Rose.  Before we left we were making plans for Erin to come over and do an infant photo shoot tomorrow.  Did I say we were getting used to our schedule?  Schedule?  Maybe we are unschoolers who occasionally do math.  I think I'm more comfortable with that definition than I am with the word schedule.  Oh dear...

Blessings, Debbie


  1. :) I wish you a good good start;)
    I read all your last posts, especially your trip-posts are just stunning..so much beauty.. love your blog;)

  2. "Chance favours the prepared mind." Think of all the opportunities we would miss if we insisted on keeping to our schedules. Although my house would be a whole lot cleaner. Enjoy your new school year.

  3. I admire you, I wish I could be a home-educating mamma - maybe one day - maybe? If only I was who I wish I was! xxx Sending love to your neck of the woods xx

  4. I am loving this post!
    Such beauty...and such simplicity.
    Your children will have such peaceful, lovely memories of home.
    :) Jodi

  5. I love it!

    Love Charlotte's phrase too!

    Enjoy that baby today!


  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I'd like to go to your school.
    I would like to wear my bunny slippers to school today.

    I am starting to think that we are unschoolers who occasionally do--sit-down-at-the-table-and-use-a-PENCIL-PLEASE-type-work.

    Maybe schedules are just there to remind us when we get off into what's not really worthwhile?
    A week-old baby photo op sounds FUN.
    Especially with that gorgeous light at your house.
    Happy Day and WEEKEND to you!

  8. I like the title of unschoolers who occasionally do math. I am a scheduler, my children are not! I am trying so hard to lighten up and not stress over checklists left unchecked.
    I see you are reading Uncle Tom's Cabin, have you read it before?
    We read it a few years ago as a read aloud [ I wanted to do the accents] and it was a tough read.
    Have a wonderful weekend Debbie. Oh, when do you start your pottery class? I really wish I could join you.

  9. Maybe... the concept of strict schedule is a bit overrated. You'll get it all done. Of that, I have no doubt.

    Of course, you might not want to listen to me. I sort of started daydreaming in the middle of your post because of that wonderful table.

  10. Lovely photos! I like the candy the best :) Flexibility is the key to one's happiness! I think you are very very happy!!

  11. When my boys were growing up, homeschooling wasn't as popular as it is now days. Fortunately for us, for the most part, our children had wonderful and caring teachers with old-fashioned values. I read plenty of horror stories now days about the public school system. I think I'd be a homeschooler too. As it was, my husband ended up tutoring/teaching the boys and the neighbor's children in chemistry, physics and trigonometry. I admire you all very much.

  12. The mantra....we copied it too. The schedule, always flexible....yes! I loved seeing these photos and it makes my heart flutter.


  13. Much admiration for your home schooling even though you were late starting. Happy learning and teaching. JB

  14. That's one thing that is so nice about the Homeschool unschedule...the 'un'! - Have a great weekend!

  15. After seeing how fast my nest became empty and now that I am down to one student. Who cares. They have more life experience that other young people. My son has had me on the mat with his questions about the Bible this year. No, he doesn't want to know what some teacher I listened to said, he wants to know what the Bible says.
    So we have dug and mined.
    My husband says, " That is the most important thing to teach. They will get the rest when they need it. A strong foundation is the most important."
    You are building a foundation to last forever.

  16. When I was homeschooling our kids, every summer I'd make an elaborate schedule for the new school year. One time my husband asked me why did I waste my time making that schedule when I knew good and well it'd be out the window after the first week. That was the end of the elaborate schedule. We were definitely unschoolers who did math occasionally and that worked just fine for our family:)I agree with Farm Girl... I say enjoy your children while you have them with you. You can teach them things they can't learn from a textbook.

  17. Looks like you're starting out on the right foot! My children read Uncle Tom's Cabin and at first, struggled with just the slang dialogue. But once they started, they LOVED the book. What a wonderful analogy to Christ's suffering and sacrifice. It really elicited good discussion.

  18. Debbie, I want to sign up for the leaf making class!! Love them. I'm guessing your flexibility is teaching a lesson all its own. ;) A good one. blessings ~ tanna

  19. Debbie, I want to sign up for the leaf making class!! Love them. I'm guessing your flexibility is teaching a lesson all its own. ;) A good one. blessings ~ tanna

  20. Remember what I said about either chatting with you very early or very late? Today is one of those late days. ;-)
    I felt right at home at your school today! Of course, I love your CM style. And, of course, you guys use Saxon math too. The Bible and cup of coffee look familiar. Now we've never made the crayon shaving (?) leaves, but I'd love to!
    Even your schedule sounds like ours. Today, my mom invited Bekah and my oldest granddaughter Maddie to come over to her house to have lunch and to paint pictures out on her deck. Did I insist that she complete all her school assignments? Of course not! She joined the art-and-lunch party at her Gammy's house...and Kati and I ate at Chipotle and did some shopping.
    I'll bet you got some wonderful pictures of that new baby!
    Happy weekend to you, friend!

  21. Yay, and what fun things you are doing! I love your big, wood table, too. It is perfect. I am on the hunt for a table and chairs and it is not going well.

  22. What a lovely way to start! It's seeing your post that I wish I was still homeschooling, but then my heart rate goes up when I remember I would be teaching six girls -- three of whom need lots of ESL yet. Scary!! I will simply enjoy your posts for now and maybe next year I will have similar posts :o).


  23. Oh what sweet beginnings these are! I loved seeing your girls journals. I wished my boys didn't feel so allergic to writing, lol. And love all the fall'ish decorating. [o=

    I pray blessings on your school year!

    Blessing and ((HUGS))

  24. I work in a public high school, where bells ring to keep all of us on schedule.
    This is refreshing! Very refreshing!

  25. Adore the blue on your wall!! Leaves - sigh. M & Ms double sigh.

    sigh... :)

  26. Have a wonderful school year!


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