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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my parting thought, a coastal equation

The meditative Oregon coast.  It lulled me into secret places within myself.  I am introspect by design so this wasn't a difficult job for tide and wave.  It's where I'd been longing to hang out but just hadn't had the time...

Now that I'm home, I struggle to keep the rhythm.  The rhythm imparted by surf and sky that was my gift for 3 restorative days.  It's a part of me.  I'm a part of it.  By design.  I discovered a math truth while in this state of reflection.

rhythm + order = peace

I've been thinking a lot about rhythm and order.  I want more of it.  

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Simply put and dead on, Debbie. That's a huge chunk that has been missing around here lately, rhythm and order. It seems so random and without my usual flow.

  2. I hear you, Debbie. I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. It seems like there is so much to do and so little time. Rhythm and order. Dear Father, may we each find some in our day. Amen. blessings ~ Tanna

  3. Spot on. Exactly what I need, too.

  4. A much more natural routine than schedule + drill Sargent = quiet.

  5. Great equation, I think as summer has ended that most of us are looking for that just right rhythm.
    Enjoyed your posts of the time spent with your friends, Loved this post Debbie, true friendship is one of God's most priceless gifts, one that has to be nourished and kept close to our hearts, and what a great way you ladies found to nourish yours. Your friends are beautiful!!The photos were breath taking!!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Nothing like slowing down to gain a balance in our lives. You have summed up very well what I long for. Peace and have a great day. JB

  7. 'Rhythm and order'; your time's best friend.
    Beautiful photographs, looks like you could have kept on walking into the horizon.
    Lovely week!

  8. So beautifull said...
    Me too Debbie!

  9. Oh yes rhythm I want more of it too. And to sit and be lulled by the waves. Ohhh, I know this simple pleasure and I long for it again. I hope the next time we visit the coast I will get some ocean time. I sure NEED it.

    I am so glad you were blessed this last week end. may you be renewed and refreshed body, mind and spirit.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  10. Good post! And so true. Hoping you find your rhythm and order!

  11. So true, I hope it stays with you too.

  12. Absolutely agree, rhythm and order are lacking around here, too, still looking to find it. xo,

  13. Sounds good. Being close to water does that to me also.

  14. The tides do that to you. i recently read a lovely meditative prayer book - Tides and Seasons by David Adam. You would love it - email me and I'll pop it in the post to you. x

  15. I could cry! I have been so stressed out lately and just yesterday my daughter said, mom we need to go to the coast. Boy is she right. There is nothing like the Oregon coast is there? It is restorative and healing. I wish we could live there, but maybe at least a trip there is called for... SOON.
    So glad you got to go and enjoy the beauty and peace!

  16. Oh yes, I crave rhythm and order! The trouble is simplifying my wolrd and balancing life's demands on my time. It is a worthy goal.

    (And I would have jumped at the chance! ;-)

  17. The beach is my most favorite place to rest and relax. We go late in the day when the sun isn't as hot and most the tourist are gone. Nothing like a picnic dinner at the seaside to restore the soul.

  18. I like that: rhythm + order + peace.
    How lovely.
    I think I'm going to keep that in mind as I set off to try and clean my outrageously messy house.

  19. I did know your quote by the way...I just typed it wrong.

    rhythm + order = peace.


  20. Three little words that so exactly sum up what I, too, am looking for...longing for...in the midst of homebuilding chaos. Thanks for the moments of peace.

  21. Oh that's a wonderful way of describing it. It's a very creative thing to do to articulate exactly what you think and need. I hope that you find it. I believe that it is possible.

  22. So glad you had this quiet time and received so much peace. Beautiful post.
    I'm enjoying your kitchen nook and as I stare out that window I feel very high (lol) so I'm thinking your kitchen is elevated high above your back yard?


  23. rhythm + order = peace

    What a lovely truth, to discover.

    Thank you for sharing it, with us.

    Gentle hugs,
    "Pix Muse" blog
    ""October gave a party, the leaves by hundreds came -- The chestnuts, oaks, and maples -- Their costumes all aflame. Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band, the guests were all aflutter, and danced off hand in hand." ~~after George Cooper

  24. I didn't take the time to read all of the above comments, so I hope no one else mentions this. Have you read A Gift From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh? Your post reminded me so much of her writing. I read it every year at the beach. Your post resonated with me as her writings do. Try reading it if you haven't already.

    The busyness of life soon crowds out the calmness gained at the beach, doesn't it? This is always the quandry; how to have a beach mentality while at home. I'm not able to do it consistently, are you?


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