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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

nothin' fancy

I had fun playing with fat and thin...  I also added some of the green fiber that I destroyed when I was learning to spin.  The pattern is; 

Cast on 11
knit 2 
*(yarn over, knit 2 together) 4x, 
knit 1.
Continue this pattern until desired length.
Bind off loosely

The scarf is 100% Merino hand-spun, knit with size 17 needles.

I'm reading Spinning and Dyeing the Natural Way by Ruth Castino.  I've checked this book from the library more than once.  It's not all inclusive, but I find it very inspiring.  I love the look of natural dyes and am eager to get busy!  Stay tuned!!

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along
Blessings, Debbie


  1. Beautiful!
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  2. Lovely, it's so nice to make something with your own handspun yarns. Saw handspun on your yarn along link up and had to come and take a peek.
    I'm a spinner, knitter, etc too.

    Enjoy your dyeing adventures.

  3. Yeh for home-spun and home-knitted! Hope you are telling everyone, that admires it, when you wear it!

  4. I sit here and covet your spinning wheel! You really need to come south and teach me to spin :)

    And I am loving the yarn, very funky!

  5. I love looking through books like that...I don't spin or anything but I do love yarns, and fabric etc...


  6. the green fiber turns this beautiful yarn a bit into a spring yarn, or reminds ME of spring;)
    beautiful and thank you for the pattern! (wish I could spin!)

  7. Wow, I love that fat and skinny look!
    Thank you for the pattern, Debbie!

  8. Be still my heart!! Beautiful, Debbie! Just beautiful!! blessings ~ tanna

  9. wow! what beautiful surroundings- i'll follow along for inspirations. love the things i see. x

  10. Guess what? Bekah is going to be taking an introductory knitting class this month! Maybe she'll teach me. I am always inspired by your knitting projects!

  11. That looks lovely, and has just given me an Idea for some of my wool that I did when first learning to spin, lots of fat and thin!

  12. So gifted you are and you make everything looks so easy.

  13. I want to put in a dye garden this year. I have always been interested in natural dyes. I have been collecting my walnut hulls this year to make brown.
    I will see if I can find Indigo. I always read Christy in January and I always love to read what they used to dye with.
    Glad you are back.

  14. I love love they yarn you spun...It is absolutely beautiful with the green in it.

  15. Beautiful scarf and yarn! I've been intrigued by spinning for an age, but I'm afraid I couldn't stop knitting long enough to ever spin anything ;).

  16. The scarf looks interesting. I bet it is fun to knit up. Your wheel is lovely, I was just drooling over that model on a website this week. I have to add that book to my reading list, thanks!

  17. Fun scarf - thanks for the pattern! The book looks great...love how it's slightly retro :)

  18. Oh, so pretty! I really am drawn to whites and off whites right now (and all shades of brown) so I especially like your scarf.

  19. What a fun scarf! I can't wait to learn to spin... someday...

  20. Oh I just LOVE the way this came out. Outstanding use of hand spun!

  21. Welcome back...I am late greeting you...so I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down here on the comment line!!
    I would so love to come watch you, this just fascinates me. You do such beautiful work. There are so many pins on Pinterest for those who are talented with the yarn.

    Good to see you!!!!!!!!

  22. My husband is a spinner and weaver. What kind of wheel is that?
    The Beauty of Eclecticism


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