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Friday, January 27, 2012

does God have a sense of humor?

You tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor.  Erin and Audrey dutifully set their alarms and checked again to make sure the time was set right, hollering back and forth to one another... "what time does yours say... NOW."  "O.K.  What time does yours say... NOW."

They made sure that they were turned on.  Then double checked before turning out the lights.  Here's where God steps in.  Remember that I live snuggled into my little valley where the weather is mild and relatively predictable.  No earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes.  Rarely even a power outage.  Ahem.  

Once a year, maybe once every two years even, during a rare and crazy summer thunder storm we may be victims.  But rarely, I say, do we lose power.  

When I moseyed into the kitchen to make my coffee this morning the room was flashing!  The little clock on the oven was flashing.  The little clock on the microwave was flashing...  NO WAY.  I trotted back up the stairs to say, "girls, time to get up."  Just like days of old.  There was a gentle stirring and then the confused popping up of heads.  "Mom, my alarm didn't go off!"...  "Why is it flashing?" 

So, that's day 1 of my trying to get a bit more order and sunshine into the beginning of our days.  And that's what God thinks of my best laid plans.  

Things still got rolling pretty well seeing as we too had a sense of humor about the whole thing.  We even managed to get a fair amount of schoolwork in before the girls had to leave for their Keepers at Home meeting and I took off for a lovely lunch to celebrate my mother's birthday.  I can't believe she's 29... again!

Blessings, Debbie  


  1. that is funny!

  2. The best layed plans...!!

    Happy birthday to your Mom Debbie, I didn't realize she is only two years older than me! :)

  3. Well, I really should have more coffe before I get on the computer...
    that should read "laid"...sheesh!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! How neat that she and I were born the same year.
    And I love that you find the humor in this. It truly is one of life's best medicines.

  5. Happy birthday to your momma! And God certainly does have a sense of humor!
    Debbie, if you order Mollie Makes before Jan. 31, it is 40% off! Go now.

  6. Happy birthday to you Mom! Isn't it wonderful how God is sovereign over even the most minute details in life?! A cute story : )

  7. That is how my life goes! hee hee

    Your Mom is younger than mine - mine keeps turning 39!


  8. Oh, God definitely has a sense of humor and a person had be better be careful of what they say or He will tease them with it. :) I only have to look at my girls to know that.

  9. That's the last time I wish you good luck, where electricity is involved! The hiccup will probably make the plan work even better.

  10. Really makes you wonder doesn't it? Happy birthday to your mother!

  11. What is it they say about the "best laid plans of mice and men"! Funny! Glad you could laugh about it!

  12. Amazing how many 29th birthdays you have in one lifetime! Hehe, love the story about the clocks. Isn't that just how it goes? I do think He has a sense of humor. Ben and I were talking about the platypus the other day (watching nature stuff on PBS) and how we thought God was laughing as He made that creature, just to throw the evolutionists for a loop. ;)

  13. this is great.
    and i bet you felt just a wee bit like that little mousie in mr. burns' poem! :)
    better luck tomorrow, i say, and good job on a good humor!

  14. Oh! Our electricity when off this morning and I held my breath til it came on (it did come back and I could resume breathing).....Good luck tomorrow!!

  15. Hi Debbie, happy birthday to your mom, she is a little ahead of me, I am just "28" (lol). I am no stranger to power outages here (and crazy weather) but my alarm runs on batteries. Keeps very accurate time and I have had it for about 7 years. Only changed the batteries once, yes once! I don't understand it either. Uh oh, I better keep quiet or else.......xo

  16. LOL, I think we make God chuckle a lot!! Happy birthday to your mother by the way!! CLarice

  17. Too funny. What are you ladies working on? Looks lile a tangle

  18. Happy Birthday Mom!!! :)
    Oh....in our neck of the woods....they sell electric alarm clocks with battery backup.....and it comes in handy. :)

  19. I love that your mom and I are the same age...again! Much love as always, Sooz :)

  20. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!

    God knows what he is doing. Those delays are planned by him, for some reason or another. Alarm clocks do wonders! My 8 and 9 year old grandkiddos are using them already because they worked SO well with all three of our girls. Even if they don't jump out of bed right away when it goes off it helps mom (and grandma) to not have to be the first sounding alarm! We bought the grandsons the "Mater" truck (from the movie CARS), bedtime-telling story/alarm clock. They love it! :)

    Your cat photos are beautiful! Keep them coming. What a lovely creature he/she is!!

    Happy Friday to you!


  21. Happy birthday to your mom...it looks like she had a nice lunch! I like how you "moseyed" into the kitchen...and I can feel the shock of "Mom, my alarm didn't go off" too! Not a fun realization! When our power goes off...it actually wakes me up because I'm so used to hearing humming of (usually in the summer) the air conditioner, the appliances (disadvantage of not having a two-story house, but a split-level), that the quiet wakes me up! And also it is so dark out, as due to crime in our area, we have lots of outside lights.:( love,andrea

  22. I had to smile as I read this... my husband and I had planned a meeting with our apartment manager this morning before bed last night but neither of us heard the alarm. Needless to say, we didn't make the meeting. Not a big deal, but humorous. The best laid plans, eh?

    Happy twenty ninth to your mom!

  23. How funny!
    It looks like your mama had a fun party! Look at all the nice ladies!

  24. Oh I think God does have a sense of humour:) Our power went off last night, and I had so much planned that involved electricity because school has started back, turned out that maybe I had done enough yesterday, as I was very busy...maybe I was being told to rest.

    It was very humid without power and we didn't get a good night's sleep but thank goodness today is a lot cooler and we have had some refreshing rain from the storms...I had the scare of my life as I was outside in the dark saying goodbye to a friend when the lightening struck nearby, I have never ran so fast in my life for the safety of shelter. The noise was deafening and that was when the power went out. Just on our road though as the rest of the town was still lit up.

    We have the battery operated alarm clocks here :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom!

  25. Dear Debbie,

    I can vouch for God's sense of humor! He certainly knows how to let ME know that He's in charge. :)

    Happy birthday to your mother; 29 is a great age, over and over again!R



  26. Oh, that IS funny! Happy Birthday to your mom. How does she stay so young :o)?


  27. Oh God defiantly has a sense of humor. I know what you mean about best laid plans...that is my latest post. But I like your best laid plans post better. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))


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