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Monday, July 18, 2011

here comes the groomsman

It's wedding season.  Oh, the romantic in me has an absolute blast this time of year...  I'm at the perfect age for weddings I think.  Young enough to stay up late (kinda) and old enough that the only responsibility I have other than myself and a gift, is making sure there are enough curling irons in the house for all of these female heads!!  

This past weekend we were invited to the wedding of one of my son's long time friends.  Cory and Derek have remained friends since pre-school, even as Cory was home-schooled from first grade on and Derek went to public school.

I have wonderful memories of these two scrawny boys hootin' and hollerin' through the long, fun filled summers.  Both of them are quite animated so the family was always entertained.  We are so happy that Derek and Emily are so happy!

I hope you don't mind that many of these pictures focus on the handsome groomsman:

Cory Lawrence P.
Age 24
6'4" tall
blue eyes
wonderful sense of humor
loves the Lord
part-time high school basketball coach
full-time lumber yard 'specialist'
great with kids...

There's no reason Derek should be the only one happy!

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Gorgeous wedding photos and such a lovely couple. Wishing them so much happiness!

  2. What an amazing way to hold a wedding...at sea! They all looked wonderful.

  3. Weren't the bridesmaids' dresses cool, too?!?

    Give Cory a year or two. He's just a kid! What a handsome guy. (He sounds happy NOW. Could it be that YOU will be happy to see him married? Nah.)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your kids are so handsome/pretty....you can be very proud of them! If I had a daughter close to cory's age I'd be sending her over! (6 ft 4, wow!) I have a son who is 23 and he is not dating, and probably isn't even near any girls to meet. God will just have to work around these circumstances for both of us! love,andrea

  5. Looks like a great time! Such a fun venue:@)

  6. I love weddings and being there to watch the beginning of two people start their life together. It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. xx

  7. LOL! Love that last little part, Debbie!! Love it. My favorite part of the wedding was the guy's shoes!! Never seen those before and I just love 'em! Glad you enjoyed this beautiful wedding and sharing in this special time with someone dear to you and your family. blessings ~ tanna

  8. That looks like a wonderful time! I have never attended a wedding on a boat but I did go to prom on a boat and it was a blast :)

  9. What a great looking crew of young folk! I know you're proud of your boy--and happy for his friends. I cannot IMAGINE getting to that season of life JUST YET.*gasp* still having trouble with the thought that my eldest's best friend is only a year from her driver's license! lol. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love weddings. . .

  10. Aren't weddings wonderful? They give you so much hope for the future. Best wishes to the lovely couple!

  11. What a beautiful wedding. I'm a romantic. I love that it was on a boat. Did they sail away for a honeymoon?

    Cory is gorgeous. He'll find someone soon enough. He's young. Give him time.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - Loved those shoes!

  12. Ha! Loved the personal ad for Cory....
    All the pictures were great. What a fun time. So glad you got to enjoy.

  13. Yay for weddings, and for guys who don't wait until they're 35 to get married! :)

  14. You need to add KNOCK-OUT HANDSOME to Cory's list! :-D
    Your entire family is just bee-YOO-tee-ful!
    Weddings are so much fun, aren't they? This one looks lovely...neat setting. (And I, too, like the weddings where you simply show up with a gift...and maybe get to buy a new outfit for the occasion.)

  15. What a FUN place for a wedding. And a beautiful one, too.

  16. Beautiful wedding pictures! Such fun!

  17. PS-about that zucchini... be careful what you wish for:@)

  18. I sure wish I had an unmarried daughter that was 24 and unattached! Your Cory is a real catch
    I can see why your a proud mama!
    It looks like it was a fun wedding for all.

  19. Lovely photos, looks like everyone had a great time. Don't worry Debbie, Cory won't be single for long.........get ready to be mother-of-the-groom! xo,

  20. Oh what a beautiful wedding! I love wedding season too, it's just so exciting! That handsome man of yours will have a wonderful wife soon enough. Especially if you play match-makin-mama much longer. ;)

  21. Pretty! I love the bride's gown! I must say that as much as I love white dresses, I do not look forward to weddings. I know. A party pooper. I think one of the reasons (a big one and very weak) is the shoes. I hate big girl shoes. And getting dressed up is not one of my favorite endeavors. Our kids' weddings were lovely, but stressful. One more to go. I think I've reached my wedding saturation point because we've always been in full-time ministry and people are so sweet to include us, but we've been to too many to count. That's why I border on wedding GRINCHINESS. Ha ha. I do like to pray for the couples and rejoice with them, though. I guess I'm not completely hopeless. Your family is lovely! Looks like the curling iron supply met the requirement!

  22. Well, I surely wish my 20 year old, unmarried, Christian, home schooled, very sweet daughter lived up there. Wow, your son is a total cutie.
    Do you know you have such beautiful kids? Oh the wedding was very pretty too.
    I have never seen a wedding on a boat, and it is just lovely.
    So glad you shared, guess what? I found the hen this morning. Yay!! She was in the place where the feed was, I wonder if she is sitting on eggs somewhere. :) I was so happy.

  23. What a great spot for a wedding! Beautiful photos! I love the little dig at the end of your post. He sounds great! Sadly my girls are all too young yet ;o).


  24. Deb - You're funny! Too bad we're on the other side of the country where my stunningly beautiful 24 year old daughter is patiently praying and waiting on the Lord for her prince while she lives with us and cooks gourmet meals, keeps a full time job at the bank, is writing a book for a third party making the most of her lit degree, and remains active in ministry at church. Fear not - the Lord will bring unbounded happiness to both our twenty-something blessings - in His time.
    Miss Kathy

  25. Awesome photos I love weddings everyone dressed so beautiful and all the happy smiling people. The bride and groom look wonderfully happy. I am so glad you posted this. I have a single daughter too Kathryn. LOL. Great fun. B

  26. Oh my. Imagine the jokes that could be included in the wedding speeches, if your advert actually worked! What a beautiful day you all had.

  27. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful day with us. Have to agree with everyone...the family looks...wow. Weddings are always such fun, aren't they? Maa

  28. What a handsome young man! Just one question...does he know you posted this? ha! ha! Wedding looks lovely, too!

  29. What a good looking group! It looks like Portland and ... No rain??? Wow!

    Thanks for your prayers for our little one! xxoo

  30. Looks like a fun wedding!! The girls dresses are a gorgeous color! And your son is a very handsome young man.

  31. Hi, my name is Naomi Tilawiske. (Til-A-Wiskey).
    Blue eyes.
    Oh, and single.
    I love playing American Girl 300 Wishes.
    One of my favorite past times include shrink wrapping people to trees.
    Midnight swims rock, and Volleyball and ultimate frisbee are on the top of my outdoor game list. :)
    I LOVE to cook, and could cook and serve food all day long.
    I love high school basketball, and was also a coach after I graduated.
    I love having fun and also consider myself to have a great sense of humor. Pranks are a favorite pastime in my neck of the woods. :)
    I am striving to love Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind.
    Waiting for a reply...

    Oh, and I'm a die-hard beaver fan... GO BEAVERS!!!!!!!!

  32. Matchmaker, matchmaker... looks like you had a lovely and lively time. Wish my daughter were a little older! :)

  33. We too are in a season of my childrens' friends getting married...marvelous. But I must say I have yet to attend a wedding on a boat! That too is marvelous!

  34. Dear Debbie,

    Such gorgeous pictures! May they be blessed as they begin a new journey together.



  35. I love this!! I'm such a wedding freak too, and I agree that we're the perfect age to enjoy them.

    You might not see this since this is an older post. I'm just getting caught up from vacation.

    And you could send your Cory down this way any time you want. Just sayin'...


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