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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the love nest

some of Hilly's knits greeted us

I call it the love nest not just because of the obvious, but because it is perched at tree top height on the third floor of their complex.

a little fuzzy, but I was glad to get at least one picture with the working man

The kids are doing well in a cute little apartment that they signed a one year lease on one month before their July wedding.  The lease is up the end of May so they are shopping around for something a little bit roomier.

Bailey's visiting friend..

Monte is an airline mechanic.  Hillary is a part-time nanny.  Right now they are working on building credit for when they are ready to purchase a home.  First they want to make sure that Hillsboro is where they want to be planted.  Monte really likes his job but there is a little something on the burner that could take them to Washington.  So they lease.

helping sis with some Easter craft preparation (she brought this with her to offer the ladies something to design
while at grandma's Easter day)

we painted mini birdhouses

As long as they live within driving distance I won't complain too loudly.  Of course with gas prices still rising I just may complain after all!

we blew eggs, painted and decopauged them

Hillsboro is lovely.  For being so close to Portland, it is still surrounded by farmland and has a very separate feel.  

we stopped at a tulip farm nearby and chose a couple dozen to bring home

I didn't take my camera when we went shopping and out to lunch. Fortunately,there was plenty to do in the city where they live.  Unfortunately if you want to go anywhere outside of the city it requires the dreaded big city freeway driving. She's getting used to it, I don't think I ever will...

Blessings,  Debbie


  1. How lovely and you have such beautiful daughters. A wedding in July? Wow, good for you. It has been five years since I had two three weeks apart. I was thinking I need another wedding so I can get lots of work done. :)
    I love the tulip farm. That had to be fun.

  2. My brother's in-laws live in Hillsboro and they love it there! Looks like you had lots of fun projects to do with your girls!

  3. Looks like a real fun visit. Those bird houses are really cute! ;D

  4. What a simply beautiful place! I have never been to a tulip farm..I bet that was a great place. Your girls look like a lot of fun. I only have the one, but I enjoy spending time with her and now the wee one.

  5. What a sweet love nest! (I'm not sure home ownership is the not "ultimate"/sensible goal these days...for some, maybe.) The eggs turned out beautifully! I'd love to know more about how they were designed. And the tulips....Wow!

  6. What a delightful visit and how much fun to see how they are doing. Oh my, your girl world is different from my boy world, even if you have some boys...my girl and I never seem to get to the girly things...how fun!
    Lease...well after 28 years of home ownership we are doing that, seems we have been living life in reverse....LOL

  7. Debbie...check out the web sites the pianos might be coming close to you, they have been all over the world already and a couple of places in the US...so much fun.

  8. oops on my part. :) I thought they were married It was early so I must have misread it. So sorry. :) I had looked at their picture on your side bar and I had thought that they were married before. :)

  9. I love the eggs! I must remember to do this with my daughter next year. I wonder where I could post a reminder to myself....

  10. I love the little bird houses and eggs, too! What great photos or a lovely time! I am not used to city driving any more either! EEEE!!!♥

  11. love the eggsand the bird house and I live for flowers and tulip are one of those sweet and delightful flower to mix with wildflowers.. lovely photos..

  12. Hmmm...I only knew of Hillsboro, Kansas until now. Sounds like a nice place!

    We just came home from a visit to our local tulip farm...between showers. They are rather late this year. I love to see fields of vibrant colour!

    Thanks for stopping by My Front Porch!

  13. The tulips and the girls are lovely.
    I have tried blowing eggs before, but never with much success. How fun!

  14. What fun! I love having a little craft project to work on when our family gets together on holidays.

  15. The bird houses turned out fabulous and I love the decopauged eggs. If you figure out how to stop hoarding yarn let me know. Thanks for your nice comments!

  16. My favorite part was the decoupaged eggs. I did some this year, and it is not all that easy considering the odd shape of an egg. Loved the bird houses, too.

    Young couples starting out are just plain cute to me. I'm a hopeless romantic. Hopeless, I say!

  17. Such a gorgeous love nest you have there! And sweet birds to live in it. Have a fun wednesday!

  18. What a very smart couple they have their priorities right. Looks like everyone had fun. I hate big city driving it freaks me out. B

  19. Hello Debbie !! First of all I want to thank you for stopping by my blog ....As i read your post I can see that you have a lovely family and these girls are talented as well !! ....I have to say that of all the holidays I enjoy the gift of the RISEN SAVIOUR the most !! Enjoy


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