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Friday, April 15, 2011

chicken curry and a murder...

When Hillary was home she used to make Chicken Curry for the family.  It was kind of her specialty. Still is actually.  We were introduced to this meal five years ago.  When we had our second Japanese foreign exchange student, it was a requirement that the students make a meal for their host family while here.

Shuka, our first, made this wonderful cabbage, pork, crepe sort of thing...  I wish I had that recipe too!  Nao was a bit less skilled in the kitchen and we all giggled when she pulled out this curry package and her mother's carefully detailed instructions.  But, it was delicious.  Imagine our surprise when a couple of years later we discovered that you could get the exact curry mix here at our rural grocery store!

Although that mix is wonderful tasting, I began to be a bit nervous about the ingredients when it became a regular on our menu.  I just wasn't sure how natural it was and I'm really not a pre-packaged kind of gal.  So we began surfing for a scratch curry recipe.  We still don't like anything quite as well as we did the first, but it's still a favorite.

don't worry

I'm sure Audrey deserved it...

Yesterday, on our way home from sewing, Erin asked if we could stop at the grocery store and get the ingredients for a curry dinner.  I usually don't like to just stop like that.  I end up paying more than I'm comfortable with.  But, there was a worthwhile trade off here.  Hmm,  "my 15 year old wants to make dinner. I won't have to cook, and she takes over sissy's place as curry chef in the P. household".  Definitely worth the few extra dollars!

Once again we tried something new.  Still not our favorite, but still yum!

So, if anyone has a curry recipe that they love, please share.  Not that we're picky or anything. ;)

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Love the Photo's ...hehe...I love curry but unfortuantely have no recipe to share...hoping someone comments with a few ...~~HUGS~~

  2. LOL! Glad to know that no children were harmed during the making of this blog post. :-) The curry looks and sounds delicious.

  3. I love curry and served with naan bread it's the best! I follow this recipe-
    I add chicken to part for everyone else in the house and for me I scoop a little to the side and add lentils. Yum.
    Have a super weekend with those funny children of yours!

  4. I will track the one I used to fix. It was my husband's favorite meal. The horrible thing happened and this was years ago, I made it when I was newly pregnant and I got sick and I still can't cook it and I am sure who ever the baby was is between 29-20 so it is so silly. But I will look around for it. I think I still have the cook book. I sort of hid that too. The murder pictures looked real. I am glad that my kids aren't the only ones who do things like that. :)

  5. I have never actually eaten anything with curry in it! Your pictures of the girls made me smile.

  6. I'm not sure I'd take a chance DISPLEASING that girl. I've never had curry I liked, so I'm not much help. But having 15 year olds do the cooking? Yeah. I'm into that.

  7. You're so blase - is Audrey still with us?? :)
    I really like your rooster plate - he's strutting his stuff, isn't he?

  8. Hi Debbie!

    I love curry chicken - but have never made it and would love to have a recipe. Will be on the lookout for one!

    Thanks for your prayers!!

    Hugs, sherry

  9. Loved this cute post, i don't use curry that often but this sounds delicious.
    I have been looking over your previous posts and have enjoyed them too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Debbie,
    You should check out Mary's One Perfect Bite (her link in on my sidebar) blog. She has some really good curry (and other) recipes!! I enjoyed this post!!
    blessings ~ tanna

  11. I LOVE Chicken Curry and I can't seem to find curry here in Cabo -- O my making me wish for some - wink!

  12. Curry? (So not my thing...sorry.) Hope you find an excellent recipe that you all enjoy. Have you tried the cooking blogs like Pioneer Woman, Mennonite Girls Can Cook, Thyme in the Kitchen, Smitten Kitchen?

    Number 4 is my favorite as well. And the interesting thing about it is that it was created by a blogger and Country Living found it. Blogdom is so interesting.

  13. Debbie! I love your blog! I'm following now and I'll be back :)


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