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Thursday, June 30, 2011

a sweet end

I was invited to a tea party ~ I love tea parties!  A bunch of us home school mamas drank tea, ate cheesecake and had a delicious time of fellowship.  The friend who planned this event asked me to keep a watch out for teacups and saucers while thrifting.  Two days later while talking about this with another friend, her visiting mother in law offered to give us some of hers that had been packed away in boxes.  When she sent them over there were 29 gorgeous, vintage sets... every one unique!  Most were English.  She had no idea that we would have such a great turn out.  We had 24 ladies attend!  The best part of the evening was when we told everyone that the teacup they were using was theirs to take home! What a blessing...  and a wonderful way to end a school year.

Drink Your Tea
Debbie Penington
June 24, 2006

Pinkie up
take your sips
never ever 
lick your lips

if you will do as I say
a lady you will be one day

be polite
place your cup
politely down
do not hiccup

if all these things you will do 
the gentlemen will call on you

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Blessings, Debbie


  1. I have always wanted to go to a tea party or have one. What fun it would be.

  2. That looks like a FUN tea party! Casual clothes and cozy digs! The desserts are gorgeous! What a great way to end the formal learning year.

  3. Oh how I love parties with the girls...

  4. As our busy world becomes more and more technological, I am reminded that this is what people still need, real life relationships and gatherings...the tea and cheesecake (oh my!) are the cherries on top.

    Blessings to you today!

  5. What a great idea. I am always having ladies over and this could be a taker for a future event. Thanks!

  6. Sweet! I love tea parties!


    ps - as to your question about the blueberry citrus cake - the blueberries settle on the bottom!

  7. What a blessing to have all those teacups available for a perfect tea party! I love this post --- of course --- 'cause I simply adore a good tea party.

    The last picture especially spoke to me. I enjoyed the decor and seeing all the ladies in attendance. The picture is so "Oregon" -- and of course we know that THAT is a very good thing!!! ;) God's country!

  8. The gift of a vintage teacup and saucer is so special...the goodies look really tasty too.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Couldn't let that go without letting you know I appreciate your visit.

    Sunny central Oregon - anywhere near Eugene? (I don't know my Oregon geography very well.) I have a friend near Eugene.

  9. Wow! What a fun tea party! The cheesecake looks fantastic. And what a sweet poem!

  10. What a perfectly lovely way to wrap up the school year! I love tea parties too...I have a friend who gives the BEST tea parties. And that cheesecake...yikes!...making me salivate!

    Did you share your sweet poem with your fellow homeschool mamas? I continue to be amazed at all of your talents!


    P.S. What deluxe party favors...English tea cups! :-D

  11. It looks like a wonderful time! All of my children love to drink hot tea. :)

  12. That all looks so fun! The teacup pictured is beautiful, and how nice that every one got to keep theirs!A perfect way to usher in summer time!

  13. Cute poem...beautiful desserts...and lovely teacups! Sounds like a special time!

  14. I've always dreamed of having a tea party. How fun! Thanks for sharing this. Blessings!

  15. Now, how perfect was that! And tea cups! I love tea cups. :) Lynn

  16. Hi Debbie,

    I am catching up on my blog reading. Summer has taken such a busy turn for me. Helping to care for the grandkids, and trying to keep up with our sun-loving garden, and a few other celebrations, and projects. You know the routine...:)

    Your tea party sounds very nice. How wonderful that God provided all the lovely teacups for each lady that attended. Very sweet! Your poem was adorable too...:)



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