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Thursday, May 30, 2013

a peek at my dark side

I don't take days like these for granted.  I jump in with both feet and a holler because I know they are getting fewer and farther between.  Am I wrong?  Of course I hope I am, but then the worst thing that can happen is I am wrong and I jumped into these opportunities when there are plenty more to come!  Not a bad scenario.

A time for everyone to meet together, eat together and hike together (in a cold dark cave) presented itself last weekend.  Usually this is  a favorite thing to do when it's above 90 degrees outside as the inside is a consistent 42 degrees year round.  It's amazing, as you approach the mouth of the cave you feel the drop in temperature... three steps in and you are blowing frost.  

This day that we chose was lovely but it was only about 63 degrees outside so I was a bit apprehensive about my level of comfort.  I like to be comfortable.  :)  No worries.  Once you got moving it felt great.  Especially if you took a turn carrying the propane lantern which gives off a modicum of heat.  Yep, carried that lantern for awhile.

If you're ever in Central Oregon give me a call.  This is where we will go.  I'll shove you in the mini-van, treat you to a bag of peanuts, pop a glow stick on your wrist and we'll be off!  I'll even carry the lantern.

** The different lighting in the pictures is from the flash.  You can't see a thing unless you are within a close radius to the hand held lights.  There is no other light in the cave and it is BLACK.  Mwah hah hah hah...

Blessings, Debbie



  1. I could use a cave right now. There are caves to tour like that in Eastern Pennsylvania, I've been to one. It would be neat to have one for food storage!!! Caves are something you rarely hear about too, yet how neat they are! It's nice to have those memories of being with your family doing this. Soon enough you will have a grandchild to do things with!

    My neighbor, who has 3 boys, just found out she is having a girl! Pink is such a nice idea. that book looks good...and so cheap on kindle. I will ask my husband to download it.

  2. Oooh. We have some big caves over here on the east, but not without lights! They have lights! So, if you are ever back east, I can take you to some fancy lighted caves!
    I think it would be pretty scary in the dark.
    But I like the idea of caves....sort of.
    You are brave.

  3. What fun! And you ate down there??!! Cool. Last time I was in a cave like that was in W.Va., at my brother's house. But it was set up as a business, and we paid a fee to go through it. Looks like you had a great time!

  4. I soooooooooooo get these words, so much so that tears came to my eyes. I had planned on hiking with Benjamin today...and now I will, I just can't miss these moments. My sons would so love this trip...we do have some small caves around here, maybe that needs to be on our summer to do list.
    I so enjoy seeing through your camera lens, you always catch the moment...a true artist with your camera.
    What a wonderful day!

  5. I like caves; I have never been shoved into a van. Hmmm...may have to take you up on the kind offer.

    Also understand the feeling that life is going by fast. It's why I was playing ball on the back lawn the other day. I usually watch from the sidelines, but the grands were so insistent that I play. They are such good little beggers.

  6. I've never been in a cave but I was feeling cool just going through the photos. At first I was wondering what they were doing with the straws but then I knew that they were glow sticks bracelets. I'm a sun kind of person so I'll stay out of the caves into the bright light.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure in the dark.


  7. Blowing frost three steps in? My word. It's a great illustration of what a difference the Light can make in our lives.

  8. My first thought...That looks like a lot of fun...a cave adventure!

    My second thought...I wonder if there are any weird creatures living in that cave...

    My third thought...Ahhhh...a place where it is 42 degrees year round. A reliable place to escape summer's heat and humidity. What a shame that it is soooooo far away!


  9. Your dark side brought a lot of light to me, what a wonderful adventure you all had. Continue to take these special moments as they will last a life time. How happy I was to read that you are going to become a grandmother, Now that is one adventure that you will savor every moment, and the memories are endless! And you are going to be the best grandmother evah!
    Blessings, and hugs,

  10. and so, which cave did you go to? I have a guess :) Is it a lava tube?

  11. You got some really great shots! A cave would certainly make for tricky photography!

    I admit I had to look up what white nose syndrome was. Can you tell we don't have caves around here?

  12. Caves are fun! We live near Cheddar, where the cheese comes from and they really do store the cheese in the caves. We haven't been down for a couple of years, but the children still talk about the caves.

  13. It looks like a great trip. It is so nice to jump in and just do it.

  14. Love your pictures. Haven't checked your blog for a few days and you have had a lot going on!

  15. I haven't been in a cave since I was fourteen!
    It's so good to spend time with your girls.
    I would hope I'd be brave enough to explore one
    now, as yours looks so awesome.
    I find I'm now afraid of height, so I wonder if
    I'd be claustrophobic in caves.

  16. Spelunking! I like the guts and the daring of the one behind the Do Not Enter sign! That's my kind of fun.

  17. A spelunking dark side!! Love it. If I'm ever in Oregon, you can bet I'll be tracking you down... for the bracelet and the peanuts as much as anything! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  18. Very cool! What an adventure!

  19. oh how I wish I could go! maybe one day, we have caves here in PA but I think yours look a bit bigger and grander!!

  20. Now THAT sounds like fun. My boys would love that! (After the initial fear of the dark, and with the addition of the glow sticks of course.)


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