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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cozy booties and a noble character

You have to forgive my crummy picture of these yummy booties.  I had company until late with every intention of taking the photo earlier in the day.  So if you want a truer version click the link to Amanda's Ravelry page for this Bernat design.  I'm using a scrumptious Manos del Uruguay kettle dyed cotton in seafoam.  This is one of the yarns that made its way home with me on this day.  I purchased it in an alpaca knitwear store from the owner's personal stash clearance for just $2.00!

Uncle Tom's Cabin is the book that has us enthralled at the moment.  I read it for the first time several years ago and purposed then to read it to the girls.  We always have a read aloud going along with their own personal reads.  It's as good as I remembered and the girls are loving it.  I remember when I read it before that I was surprised it was so encouraging.  Tom is of such stellar character as to inspire noble aspirations in the reader.  It doesn't get any better than that!


  1. $2?!?! What a score!

    I'm going to keep my eyes open for that book. I need a noble and inspiring read. ;)

  2. I don't find your photo crummy at all! The yarn looks so sweet as a baby bootie. Lovely!


  3. Ohhh I have made these and LOVE love love the pattern. Yours are so sweet and any baby would be soooooooo blessed to ware them on their tootsies. [o=

    I am going to have to order that book. I have been looking at it for a couple of years.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  4. The booties are precious, and I think that color is just beautiful.

    I've never read Uncle Tom's Cabin. Now that you've shouted it out, I want to find it and read it.

  5. I remember reading an abridged version of Uncle Tom's Cabin years ago. A children's version. I guess I really should read the grown up version. Intrigued by the wool. It looks crinkly on the ball.

  6. Babies?!? I want some booties for these size 7.5s! Especially with the chill that is in the house these autumn mornings!

    I blush to say I don't remember ever having read Uncle Tom's Cabin either.

    After posting this quote on my reading tab, "Reading a great work of literature can truly be likened to having a conversation with a great mind." (Jennie Chancey), I'm read for a "great work of literature".

    I think I'll have me a conversation with one of noble character...

  7. Wow, good yarn bargain! Love the colour of it too. Cute booties.

  8. The booties are adorable! I'm gonna have to learn to knit and crochet, it's so pretty:@)

  9. That yarn looks so soft and squishy! I love the name Seafoam.
    I'm glad you and the girls are enjoying Uncle Tom's Cabin. I agree with you about Tom having such a noble character, I just wish the book didn't make me cry! xx

  10. You got a wonderful deal on that yarn, and the baby booties - Sweet!

    One of my girls read Uncle Tom's Cabin...can't remember who at the moment. I'll have to read it myself. Thanks for the reminder about this book.


  11. What a deal on that yarn! Debbie, I think your photo is wonderful. They look so soft and precious! Someone is going to love those! blessings ~ Tanna

  12. I've read it twice and I think it gets better with each reading. It really is a wonderful book.

    Those booties (and that yarn) are definitely scrumptious.

  13. Embarrassingly, I have yet to read Uncle Tom's Cabin and I AM embarrassed because we live just over an hour away from the actual site. It's going on my list of must reads right now!!

    Those booties are darling and I can just imagine how wonderful that fabric feels. One of these days I am going to buy myself some alpaca wool just for the feel :o)!


  14. Beautiful color for that yarn and of course, the price is priceless! What a GREAT book!

  15. Oh those booties are too cute! Thanks for the recommendation of the book, we need a new read aloud.

  16. beautiful booties :) That is one lucky baby who will have very warm feet.

  17. Yes, and Lincoln said when introduced to Harriet Beecher Stowe, " Oh the little woman who started the big war." We are reading Huck Finn. Wow, reading it out loud sometime I think the top of my head is going to come off. We will read Uncle Tom's Cabin when we get to the Civil War this year. We are going to look at both sides very carefully.
    Just something I found out yesterday, On the corner of Wall Street and Water street, In New Amsterdam, before it was New York and it was a settlement of the Dutch, was the largest slave market in the world.
    I then went and we looked it up today on Google earth. It is weird to look at it today compared to how it looked then.
    I love school. :)
    I love your booties and the yarn is so pretty.

  18. Thanks for the encouragement, Debbie! Your booties are cute - and there's nothing wrong with your photography!

  19. Kati is standing over my shoulder and ooohing and aaahing about the booties. She is a little further along on her knitting journey than I...although that doesn't have to be very far.

    I just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird , and am looking for a new read. I am trying to read some of the classics that I've never read. I think I'll add Uncle Tom's Cabin to my list...

    I enjoyed my visit to no spring chicken again today...as always! Hugs to you...

  20. such sweet booties in a beautiful color, what a great find. it's been many many years since i read this book, i like your copy.

  21. Love those booties and that great discount yarn! The picture looks great to me, by the way :)

  22. Those booties are precious and that yarn was a steel! Wow! I popped over to your daughter's blog to see the baby photos. So sweet. I also shared with her this blog post: http://wildflowersphotos.com/blog/the-clementine-themed-shoot/
    Absolutely adorable!

    I read Uncle Tom's Cabin so very long ago. :/

    Hope your week is great. Tammy

  23. Well maybe we've been shopping at the same place! I just picked up this same copy at Costco the other day. I love the original cover, don't you?

    Your creations are always so lovely!

  24. The booties are wonderful! I Love the colour!

  25. Lovely booties and lovely yarn. What a great deal! We, too, always have a read aloud (or two, or three...) going along with the kids' quiet readers. We won't be in U.S. history for two more years as we're currently deep into the Middle Ages, but when our history studies take us there, Uncle Tom's Cabin will be on our list.

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  26. Knitting and reading, does not get much better. Well maybe add some tea and chocolate!! Clarice

  27. I have been thinking booties lately... if only I could get this cardigan finished!!

  28. Your booties are beautiful! They make me think of my dear grandson, AJ...:) I miss that little guy!

    I have never read this book. I will have to see if I can check it out at our library. It sounds like an inspiring read.

    Have a sweet day...:)



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