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Monday, June 24, 2013

not the way it was supposed to end

Our weekend was rich with goodness but I'm kind of a bad news first kind of gal. Saturday was going to be busy and we needed to get an early start.  Erin was the first one up, eager to be organized (her sister and friend slept in a bit).  I was getting my coffee when she called me into the living room.  "Mom look at that cute crow just sitting in the middle of the lawn."  Hmmm.  "Honey, if it's just sitting there, you'd better go check it."  Her smile turned to concern as she approached it... and it let her.  It was a young crow, not yet a fledgeling. We figured that out by checking the internet and finding this site helpful.  It's wing was badly broken and raw.  It's parents were in the tree above it kicking up quite a ruckus. We called the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and the person I talked to assured me that the parents would come feed it on the ground if we left it alone, but the parents wouldn't come down from the tree with so much going on.  Soon it became impossible to keep the cat away from it and we knew that shortly our front yard would be full of children.  We placed some kennel fencing around the crow and the bush that he was under.  Next we called a friend that has much experience in animal training and rehabilitation.  

She was out of town but would be back in a few hours.  Once back, she would call us out to her place where she would clean and tape the wing and show us how to care for it.  

Jodi was so helpful.  We left feeling confident that this little guy was going to make it.  We were also encouraged knowing that crows are so social and that even if rehab took a couple of weeks, the parents and extended family would be eager to welcome him back into the flock.

Driving home the sky was busy and beautiful... and we were hopeful.

We wanted him to suffer as little stress as possible but we were instructed that it was imperative that we get at least a half of a tablespoon of food in him before we went to bed.  His wing was so bad that we had to gently wrap him in a towel to keep him from walking on it and falling over.  He ate a bit and we put him back in the box with the cover on.  

Within an hour of getting home... he died.  It was just so sad.   It's probable that he had internal injuries.  Bad, bad news indeed.  

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Oh, dear - bless you for being willing to do so much.

    I've also heard that crows can be quite entertaining!

  2. Well it is always sad to see an animal suffer and die. But a learning experience for you all.

    Nice scenic picture of the deer! I just said to my husband that it would be so nice if we had any sort of view from our home, but we don't!

  3. What a shame he died. Sad. This Sunday was also a young crow on our fence. It was bigger than yours. It could fly to his dad on the chimney but wanted to be well fed. He did not eat himself. What a pity, but I found your story very interesting.

    Love the deer!

  4. Oh. Sad, yes. We've had a similar experience before, minus the knowledgeable friend. I well remember that sinking feeling when we found that the bird had not made it.

    That scenery is breathtaking, as is the visitor.

  5. Sad. Sad. Sad. Glad you tried to help him, Debbie... blessings ~ tanna

  6. oh, I so wanted this story to end happily. :(

  7. Oh so sorry...but also such a story of compassion.

  8. So sad but so lovely that you were there to help in any way you can.

  9. That is so sad. Bless you for trying to ease its suffering...

  10. Well you did try to save it. It could have been all of that was just too much and it might have really been hurt.
    Poor thing.

  11. You are very caring and good steward of God's creation and although it's sad, there is a little crow smiling back at you from where God's love comes from.

  12. YOu are wonderful to try to have saved the crow. I LOVE our big crow. He comes around and caws and caws. I love that crows are so social and wont eat alone...
    so sorry

  13. What tender hearts that can despair for a crow... I have a murder of them here and "murder" is exactly what comes to mind when they start their racket early in the morning.

  14. So very sweet of you to try...you did more than most would have done. So sorry.

    Cindy Bee

  15. Hi, I'm sorry the bird didn't pull through. You have done all you can.
    It is great youn wanted to help.
    Have a wonderful day.

  16. Hoping the story would end better, you did more than most...so sorry

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  18. Oh, that is sad. I'm so sorry. Hugs to you for taking such tender care of it in its last hours.

  19. :( Poor little guy. HUGS to you all.

  20. Awww... wish the ending went differently. You all tried your best :)

  21. Debbie

    I hate to be a pain. IF you would just go back a few posts to the post with bare chested tim mcgraw....
    and leave me a comment there you are officially entered!!!!

    I did say everyone has to comment on that specific post so I gotta play by my rules......:)
    kathy bi irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com

    1. Ah, you pain! I can't believe you are going to go make me look at bare-chested Tim. OOO...KKKK.... if you insist! :)

  22. What lovely people you all are - wish it had been a happy ending xxx

  23. I am a rescuer, too and I have to find comfort by telling myself the injured creature at least died warm and safe and not scared or alone....
    Still hurts.
    You did good.

  24. Aww, poor thing. That's too bad. :( At least you all tried, and learned some new things.

  25. It's baby bats with us at the moment. Lost one and rescued another. All these baby things around at the moment. Each with so much parental effort invested in them already. How could you not help?

    At least you gave the little mite a chance.

  26. My Lindsay has rescued many baby or injured birds too. So far we've had none of them recover and live. I'm sorry. Truly. We know the loss, and disappointment.



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