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Monday, June 3, 2013

a little dirt and some crippled chickens

We've been doing a bit of garden prep, me and the husband... oh yes, and the chickens.  Now that the nights are promising to stay above freezing we are eager to get things in the ground.  I'm always a little bit late planting because I don't have any confidence until I'm warm.  It seems reasonable to me that if I'm not comfortable, the seeds and seedlings couldn't possibly be alright.  So after adding a few yards, the soil level is acceptable, the tomato plants are being hardened as we speak and the final deed has been done... we clipped the chickens wings as seen on this 35 second Youtube post so that we can control their coming ins and going outs.  They'll be allowed to free range without supervision again after the plants grow large enough to handle intrusion because the chickens... they will intrude!

Mr. Grill did a fine job with the marinated elk steak, mushrooms and zucchini.  It was a beautiful day and within the next few, the beans, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and basil will be up and running... well, they will be in and growing.  

Now, I'm off to add a few more rows to the Maile before heading to bed.  

Blessings, Debbie      


  1. Ah yes,chickens and young gardens do not mix well. Our hens are currently in lock-up, with access only to their fenced-in yard for that very reason. It seems so unkind to do, especially since they do such a stellar job of being garden helpers before the garden is in and once it is established. Short-term pain for long-term gain, I guess.

    Your raised bed looks great. I hope to have one some day too.

  2. I want to come and sit in your yard. I'll watch the chickens and guard the baby plants.....

  3. I love your house photos! Everything looks well cared for and ready for service.
    The chickens are so pretty!
    I planted some beans. Now it's time for peppers and tomatoes. And zinnias!
    I adore that bit of knitting. A little lamb will be toasty.

  4. And I thought our gardening season started a little later than most! So nice to get things growing. Our hens are being lazy layers, so the son will be determining which are simply pets. So your hens free range and leave your veggies alone? Would love to know more...

    Warm sunny weather has arrived -- perfect for gardening and outdoor knitting (cute sweater, my friend)!


  5. So much fun going on there! Well, I think so anyway, since I happen to really enjoy gardening (and knitting.) :)

  6. Your container plants looks so nice and so do the chickens. Too bad that they need their wings cliped. Does the feather frow back again? I guess that live chickens and vegetable don't mix well unless they are roasted.

    The grill meat , zucchini and mushroom looks good.
    I hope that June brings you fair weather for your garden.

  7. Hey! You got going. I'm with you. If I'm not warm, then the seeds won't sprout. I used to put seeds in pots in January when it was too cold. Our chickens are penned in now too. Here's to all the wonderful garden goodies.

  8. Your grilled food looks so good! I think my son was on a diet like yours...he ate meat and could eat ice cream!! It works too.

    Your soil looks so nice and dark (something we don't see around here). I have to learn to wait until the soil heats up. I am finally getting a little more patient. It is going to be 53 here tonight...after a week of 92 (with 70 at night)!

    It is good to see it isn't hard to clip the chicken's wings.

  9. It looks like you are going to have a great garden this year Debbie.
    I must say I am a little envious of you for getting to let your chickens roam free, I wish I could, but the hawks and other critters won't allow for it. Have fun.

  10. This is my favorite time of year...outdoor work, greenery all about, tasty food, and a little relaxation doing a hobby. You have it all!

  11. Your pictures are great...and elk, oh my, my dad use to go elk hunting every year. Blessings on your garden.

  12. I've got some garden in (quite a bit actually) but I have so much more to do - if the rain would just stop coming!!


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