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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a time to sow

It's time!  It's time for pulling and raking and hoeing and planting.  It's early here in Central Oregon but there are things that will be happy to go in the ground early and we are happy to be diving into spring.  Erin started a few tomatoes and some sunflowers, nasturtiums, morning glory and oh, I don't know... lots of lovely goodness indoors.  We won't be putting any of these outside yet but we will plant the spinach and lettuce and radishes and peas.  
We lost one of our hens early this winter so we are down to three.  Two are producing daily which isn't quite enough to keep us in breakfasts and bakies so we're looking for the third to start laying and thinking about getting another.  
The trampoline is again wearing its bouncy mat and so ponytails have been flying outside the bay window reminding me that I'm old.  That's O.K..  I may have lost my bounce but now that I am old I am wide wise!  :)

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Planting time is always exciting! Love seeing the hens walking around the yard-enjoy:@)

  2. I'm so glad to hear spring is now in your world and you can garden.

    I am sorry about your hen, we lost one a few weeks ago too. I just
    added 7 new Rhode Island Reds to the group and am now thinking about getting more female ducks, right now I only have one and since I love to
    bake with duck eggs, I really need more.

  3. Yay for another hen!
    Will you have school outside in the garden?

  4. It's still too chilly here to start anything. Glad to know somewhere in the US it's time to start spring :)

  5. Loved the part about the bouncing ponytails. I'm still smiling as I type.
    We are just getting started with spring outdoor sprucing around here. Even in the south, spring came late this year.

  6. Lindsay is going today to look for more chickens for us!

    I need to get the spinach and broccoli and lettuce planted soon,and some other plants started indoors too!

    My kids would love a trampoline!


  7. Your yard looks a bit like ours. Our weather has been so cold I have not been able to get out yet to start clearing the "winter" away. Perhaps this week :)

  8. I think it all looks lovely. Any time is a good time for chickens!

  9. I'm sorry about your hen. It's always heartbreaking loosing a farm animal.
    How lucky to be enjoying some green grass and seeing little buds turning into green leaves. Nothing green yet here. It's very cold this morning. -6 degree Celcius or 21.2 degree F.
    I'm planning on starting some tomato and pepper seeds indoors this week, maybe even today.

    I like how you plant in hanging pails. cleaver idea.


  10. Oh woman, you make me laugh! me too. :) Sorry about your hen, though. Happy planting...


  11. Yay! I'm so glad your time for planting is upon you! I always feel guilty living in California and planting so early when everyone else is still buried in snow or dealing with freezing temps. :)

  12. So nice that you can start planting.. We will still be a couple of months as it is cold and we still have snow.. Soon, though..
    Take care, my friend..

  13. I love hearing about your happy productive plans! (And the ponytails!) It will be another month or so before Ron begins our garden. (Yes...he plants, I cook! It's how we do things.)

    Always nice to have you "visit"! I think of you too, all the way across the continent from me, and yet friends of the heart and sisters of the faith!

  14. I so need to get going with putting seeds in soil. The cold weather has not encouraged me, but if I want plants, I need to start. Tomorrow maybe.....


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