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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dishcloth with a twist

Next week I'll have a picture of this shawl that I knit for Erin for Christmas.  Today I have a picture of Audrey in the first thing I made that wasn't a dishcloth.. years ago.  It's a.. ginormous half a dish cloth! Funny thing is, when I saw the pattern for Erin's shawl in November I excitedly printed it and ordered the yarn. Fast forward 2 months and Audrey has dug this gal out of the dress up box to wear while doing her schoolwork. Hmm.  Cozy drape.  Extra large.  Plenty of length to wrap around, tying the ends behind her back..  Just sayin'.

Here's the simple dishcloth pattern that when knit (only the first half) with bulky yarn on say, size 11-13 or so needles becomes this version of the Christmas shawl.
co 4
k 1 row
k2, yo, k to end of row
repeat previous row until you have 42 stitches (more for shawl, just keep going until it's as wide as you like)
bo (for shawl)

(if you're making the dishcloth do not bind off and continue)
k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end of row
repeat previous row until you have 4 stitches

Last week I mentioned that my nose has been in cookbooks.  One of the recipes that has been landing on our table often is soft pretzels.  I've actually toyed with the idea of making a Youtube video on making these (they're that easy and that much fun!) which is just crazy since I HATE to be the other side of a camera.  But today as I was expertly twirling the dough I just felt.. well.. expertish.  :)

Yes, I know.  I should have had some finished pictures.  They really are impressive.  It's just that once out of the oven, Audrey can't keep her hands off of them and before I can think to grab the camera she's polished 'em off!  She'd better be careful or pretty soon that extra large shawl isn't going to fit around her anymore. You're thinking that she has some help aren't you?  ;)  

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Blessings, Debbie


  1. The shawl looks cozy, love the hand warmers! I'd love to hear more about the pretzels:@)

  2. My daughter has started making her own bagels and here you are making pretzels!
    She loves soft pretzels...I will have to tell her about this!

  3. The shawl looks cozy and bright, as does your beautiful home. I love that barn perched atop your fridge. And is that a bunny pitcher on your table???? Always a breath of fresh air to visit here.


  4. Oh, to look so lovely in a dishcloth...sigh... Actually, it sounds like a very warm-and-cozy way to do one's school work. :)

    Please let us know when you post that YouTube video!

    (Have I mentioned that I love the trunk in front of your sofa?!)

  5. Sweet shawl!

    I may give it a try!


  6. I think turning a dishcloth into a shawl is pure genius and I love the look.

    I am not 100% today, but as soon as I feel better I am going to make my Alex pretzels. Funny, with all the baking and experimenting I do in the kitchen I have never made pretzels; I have a feeling they will be well received here.

  7. I love that dishcloth turned shawl!
    Pretzels. Yum. Make the video!

  8. I think I might of been helping her with the sampling. I love soft pretzels Pretty shawl, love the color.
    I say "go ahead and make the video," I would love to make these.

  9. Pretty shawl! I love soft pretzels. I've tried to make them, and they always failed...so you did good!

  10. I'm loving that colorful big dishcloth that your daughter is wearing and I'm waiting for that Youtube video tutorial on making the soft Pretzels. My mouth is watering.


  11. I love your Laura Ingalls Wilder quote at the top of your blog! Very pretty shawl! I haven't made soft pretzels in ages (it's tricky with 2 underfoot), but they were so delicious!! I'll put another vote in for making the video!

  12. I want to come sit and visit in your cozy little breakfast nook :-)

  13. Mmm, nothing beats a nice soft pretzel.

  14. Ginormous dishcloth, that's funny. :-) I think it looks really comfy and warm. Your kitchen looks so cozy and I can imagine how good those pretzels were. I love making pretzels myself, but we make the hard pretzels like they serve in Germany. So yummy!

  15. Haha, love that ginormous dishcloth! I need a shawl that ties behind my back - anything to stay warm these days!

  16. your girl is so pretty in that beautiful shawl, and isn't it lovely to have one that ties behind the back to keep cozy? i haven't made pretzels in years, since my children were small, they sound delicious.

  17. Your daughter looks great in her (dish cloth). The pretzels look so yummy... please let us know if you post a tutorial on YouTube. Have a wonderful day!

  18. I had to laugh at your description of the shawl. All I knit is dishcloths so I'm thinking I might could do that! And I love how it looks and it seems that this winter I am cold ALL. THE. TIME. It is currently 75 degrees outside. It's hot and my daughter is wearing shorts. And I am sitting here cold. It just isn't right.

  19. Cute dishcloth-shawl. It looks great on her! I hope that you DO make a Youtube video on pretzel making. I'll watch. Let us know if you do.

  20. I am partial to red. I knit a tiny red shawl for my china doll for Valentine's Day. Your shawl looks fabulous. It's a beautiful shade of red.
    There are few foods more delicious than a warm, homemade soft pretzel. The soft whole wheat pretzels in our house disappear quickly. I need to make them more often. Living in Pennsylvania we see soft Amish made pretzels for sale along the road and that got me started in making our own. The Christian history behind the pretzel is interesting.
    Karen A.

  21. That shawl looks like the perfect thing for wrapping around shoulders when trying to cozy up with a book in the evenings.

  22. Ooh - see I could make it. I am learning to knit!! Cinnamon rolls is my thing lately....


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