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Saturday, April 28, 2012

school days

Where have I been?  Well, first I'll tell you where I wasn't.  I wasn't on a tropical island sipping fruity drinks from a coconut, soaking up rays on a white sandy beach and snorkeling in the warm shallows (darn).  I wasn't meeting with the heads of state... brainstorming (whew).  I wasn't visiting my daughter and son in law in their cute little apartment in their pretty city over the mountain (darn again).  I wasn't even sick (whew again)!

Busy it's been... and with testing in just 2 weeks, we've been cracking the books a bit wider and keeping a more accelerated learning pace the past couple of weeks.  We don't always do it this way.  Oregon requires testing in grades 3,5,8 and 10 only.  I have an eighth grader and a tenth grader who want to do their best.

Beyond that I've been bouncing around again inside my skin and my head.  It's definitely hormones, that and a dog in heat that won't let me get a full nights sleep!  This morning Annie didn't get up until 4:50!!  I was smiling and singing all morning, thanking God for the gift of an uninterrupted night.  I did laundry, cleaned the bedroom and bathroom then began a sewing project.  I was humming along like this all morning until I found myself asleep on the couch around 1:30...  So, I guess I was still a bit deprived.  :)

Now it's well into the afternoon and Larry took the girls to the woods to take pictures and look for sheds (abandoned antlers) for a future project.  The house is quiet and I've already had my nap... so, I think I'll head back to the sewing machine.  I've missed everybody and look forward to catching up on what's been keeping you busy these past couple of weeks.  Maybe I'll do that first.  Decisions, decisions.  We had  a delicious casserole and salad for lunch.  Now I'm kinda hoping I can get away with popcorn for dinner... what do you think?!

Blessings, Debbie


  1. I visited earlier just to see if by chance I had missed a post [I hadn't] and now here you are...I've missed you. I had to laugh because you know I never sleep [hormones] and I too have a dog in heat! When are we going to that tropical island? :) Glad your back and please tell the girls good luck, I'm betting they will do great!

  2. I'm glad to see you back! I was wondering about you just this morning. :)

    I try to get away with popcorn for dinner after far less exciting lunches. We usually enjoy our popcorn dinners with fresh veggies and green smoothie - that usually helps push it in to meal category.

  3. The deer pictures are fabulous. Good luck to the girls on their tests.

  4. Hey, it doesn't look like the fence is working.
    Popcorn and a movie...dinner and a date! You can totally make that work.
    I'm sure your girls will do great...because they care!

  5. I think popcorn for dinner sounds delicious! I'd have it every night if I could get by with it. I know how life gets too busy, believe me, I know. Those deer sure are cute. I saw a whole herd the other day in our woods. I couldn't believe there were so many! Glad you're back.

    CIndy Bee

  6. I know that sleep deprived feeling oh so well...I could totally do popcorn for dinner...actually I think I have. Hope your girls do well with their testing

  7. I'm glad for the explanation - I have been muttering to myself, "where the heck is Debbie?" Yes, yes, popcorn for dinner!!

  8. I've missed you!
    Do I see a Holly H. doll in the cute wicker pram?
    I'm sure the girls will sail through the state testing, good teacher!
    The deer are lovely! Great photos!

  9. LOVE your deer pics! They are so beautiful to watch.

  10. Whoa, that is a LOT of deer. They are fabulous creatures and so different from what I see around here (mostly birds or varmints). Hope the tests went well!

  11. So glad your back..I know for one I sure have missed you!! I hope everyone does well with their testing..smile.. I understand hormones even at my young age of 42 I a have started taking vitamins not sure if that helps much...love to know what you are doing to keep yourself feeling balanced.


  12. Well, it would have been nice to have read that you were on a far off island enjoying yourself, but educating your girls is a nice thing too! Hope they did well on their testing. BTW, popcorn is a perfect meal.

  13. Hello hello - I haven't been on that desert island either, but lots of little lambs and shepherding skills have been learned. Hormones - yes I know those - embrace them and bless them - its the only way :-)

  14. You have been missed! Life does get busy though... too bad you weren't on an island sipping a fruity drink, huh? The picture of the deer is awesome... thanks for sharing them.

  15. I hope you enjoyed a popcorn dinner! ;) And, I'm glad you had a decent night's sleep and a nap. Being short on sleep sure makes life a little harder! Good luck with the testing. I know they will do well. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  16. Popcorn for dinner sounds good to me, Debbie, especially when I have been busy like you have. I thought we had a lot of deer here on our farm but your head count is so much more. ~smile~ they are beautiful. Glad to see you back.
    Enjoy your day.

  17. Oh yes the testing I remember that from when we lived in Florida here in California it is not required. We have been cracking the books as well. No tropical vacations here either lol....Shed antlers interesting!! ~Enjoy the rest of your weekend good catching up with you ~Love Heather

  18. Yay! I'm so glad you're back. Praying for you all to get through testing without any hiccups! (I'm so glad that part of my life is over LOL!)

  19. I never liked testing as a kid. It made me nervous -- especially the timed tests. Popcorn for supper-- yes! Especially on Sunday night.

  20. Dear Deb,

    Good luck with all the schooling, and thanks for the photos of Muleys! Makes me miss Idaho. :)

    A happy Sunday to all,


  21. Welcome back! I know a beautiful tropical island you can use the next time you need a retreat :-)


  22. So glad you are back and popcorn sounds wonderful for dinner.
    I am so glad I am finished with that part until the tests for college.
    One more to get is his drivers license. Life just goes by too fast.
    So glad you updated. Though it would have been nice if you were on a beach drinking fruity drinks and soaking up some rays. :)

  23. popcorn for dinner sounds great to me! We're winding up our school around here....won't be long and it'll be summer! whoo too!

  24. I just shared the other day what has been keeping me busy. [o= And I am soooooooo sorry about the lack of sleep. ((HUGS)) Praying you get more good sleep. And I hope you share some pics of all these wonderful creative adventures you are having. Looking at those deer makes me think you live close to me. [o;

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  25. ***squeals*** There you are!!
    I have missed you, friend!
    Loving the pics in this post...from the studious girls to the frolicking deer. (Sorry you didn't have any photos of Debbie sipping fruity drinks from a coconut. :D )

  26. Absolutely love the photos of the deer - just had to get that out of the way first!!

    We use the same spelling curriculum - it is a good one, isn't it?

  27. Popcorn? Yes. Do it!

    Deer in your yard, too? As pesky as they can be to my plants, I'll never tire of their beauty; what a gift they are.

    Blessings and best wishes to your girls during testing,


  28. I had you down as on holiday. Or still wondering where your memory card had disappeared to. Getting ready for tests somehow seems more plausible now. Hope it all goes well. Not sure about popcorn, but I always like the idea of breakfast cereal for an easy supper. Haven't done it yet, but its there in reserve!

  29. I've missed you! Glad you haven't been ill, and you have just been busy with school stuff....Pennsylvania requires testing in 3rd,5th, and 8th grades. This year we have no one needing testing but next year Rachel and Sarah. Kyle gets a reprieve for a few years yet!

    I had a nap this afternoon too - to many late nights with early mornings....dogs, kids, fun all the cause!


  30. Boy, do I wish I could get away with popcorn for dinner some nights! It would solve a lot of problems :-) I admire homeschoolers because it's certainly not something I could do.

  31. Well Praise God we don't have to test here in Texas...it is a total free state for home schooling...good thing, I might have stopped years ago.

    Blessings to you all and those deers...how wonderful and beautiful.

    Now hormones....if you find something that works pass it on...this roller coaster emotions are for the birds, well I wouldn't wish it on them either.

    Nice to see you...

  32. Popcorn...let's see, corn(vegetable) and fiber...it will do. Plus it is so very good! We have popcorn suppers on a regular basis on Sunday nights.

    Glad you are back, don't the days just rush by? I like the sound of your naps.

  33. I've been largely absent myself but did notice that I hadn't seen an update from you. I'm glad it was just busyness and preparation.

    And well, hormones, but we won't mention those.

    The photos of the bounding deer are just beautiful to me.

  34. Glad to see you back. My weeks have sounded similar. Doing all those must-dos and not a whole lot of anything fun. Popcorn for dinner sounds good to me too.


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