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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

knitting and nature journaling

Erin's page on left, Audrey's on right

I so enjoyed making the homespun baby jacket, that I decided I wanted to make something else using the same bouncy wool.  Starting with the leftover ounce (and not getting very far), I have another 2 bobbins waiting to be plied.  This time I'm making Elizabeth Zimmerman's bonnet from The Opinionated Knitter.  I am still plugging away at the Little Sister's Dress, realizing that I am the only one who begins a new knit when there is still something in progress on another set of needles.  I feel really bad about that...  Bad.

I am reading Keeping A Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth.  I purchased this book from Vision Forum over a year ago and only gave it a cursory glance.  After it was filed I kind of forgot about it. My kids have all kept nature journals to some degree over the years.  This book (unlike The country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady) is more of a how to than an example of nature journaling.  I'm thinking that we will glean some good tips from this book.  We're still just reading chapter one but we're catching the mood of the authors.

... A gathering of 
stories, wanderings, accounts 
through a year of seasons.
May there always be frogs and
 spiders and clouds and shadows
and birds and daffodils and open
meadows and winding paths to 
explore, love, wonder about 
and draw...

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along
Blessings, Debbie


  1. Keeping a Nature Journal is one of my all time favorite books and I found it really helped my boy's expand on their journal keeping.
    Please don't feel bad about having more than one project going at the same time. There are times when you need a simple project, then other times that require more attention...it keeps things interesting!:)

  2. I do believe my mom knit that bonnet for my daughter when she was born :) Have fun knitting and journaling :)

  3. We used to have Claire come in a do nature walks and talks with our fifth graders when I taught in MA. She was amazing. Twenty kids followed her around riveted to what she was saying. She drew along the way, modeling for the kids what they should draw as well. She's such an interesting person. It was a pleasure to watch her work! I've had that other book for years as well!

  4. Two awesome topics, I must say!
    I have several knitting projects going at the same time and that's why it takes me YEARS to finish stuff.

  5. I am so glad you posted the link to the Snug!! I missed it while we were off without internet and eventhough I thought I had caught up, I had missed that post!! LOVE that little jacket ESPECIALLY in your homespun. I had saved the pattern on Ravelry, but have nothing to make it of to begin to compare to yours!! Gorgeous. Uhhh, you aren't the only one with more than one project going at once... I think it must be some kind of knitting A.D.D.. LOL! Excited to see all that you have started! blessings ~ tanna

  6. We have done nature journals over the years too...I'd like to see the girls and Kyle do them now that they are older.

    I bought some alpaca yarn on Monday when we visited an alpaca farm. I'll try to get photos up this week!


  7. The girls journal just about everything - sporadically and non-methodically. I hope that they get older (with some encouragement), I can get them to be a little more organized and consistent. I have dreams of something as beautiful as those someday.

  8. You are NOT the only one who has more than one project on the go. Currently I have 4 knitting projects. All various levels of concentration needed.

    I'm going to check out that book. I'd love to do nature journals with Ella.


  9. Oh we have done nature journals through the years...some years more successful than others...remember I have boys! I love the "The Country Diary"...it stays out on my coffee table. I am now working on nature journals with Benjamin the other day he stopped at places in the zoo and drew out an animal...funny how going to the zoo with just one child you can get so much done! My others would talking and messing with each other too much...LOL

  10. Yeah, I loved those books so much and even though we would do the journals outside, I think I was the only one who enjoyed it. The boys would rather be in a tree than sitting and sketching it. Or making bow and arrows to shoot the bird the girls were trying to draw.
    I still love that book and I still sit and look through it and dream of having one of my own. :)

  11. Aren't those Country Diary books wonderful? I have several projects going at once too. Friend Shara calls it crafting ADD.

  12. What? More than one project started at a time is bad? Uh Oh.

  13. I think that cream colored yarn fits nature journaling perfectly. I own both those books - really should pull them off the shelf and put them to good use. Maybe in a few weeks when things calm down around here.

  14. I almost always have more than one project going. Usually a pair of socks, a shawl, and then whatever "big" project I am working on. I don't like to do more than that though - I get too easily distracted.

  15. I love that book! My copy is very treasured. And how did you get my mother's drawing journal? I know --- it's yours --- but I have mom's and it looks like one and the same! Success with your project and thank you for always inspiring me! Happy spring!

  16. Do not fret! You are not alone in starting a new project while another is yet to be complete. I too have this very bad...Bad habit. There are at least 5 WIP's currently on needles about my house. And they all belong to me.

  17. Our nature journals have sadly remained on the shelf for most of this year. Perhaps Keeping a Nature Journal is what I need to inspire us to action again! I do soooo love nature journaling (when we take the time to do it).
    (Adding this to my homeschool budget...)

  18. Hang on. I make that one on the bobbins and one of the needles. Its okay. I think you can get away with it this time. Phew! I'm encouraging my girls to keep a nature journal this year. Apart from them enjoying it, it does tick a lot of boxes.

  19. Having more than one project on the go at a time makes it more like play than work I think. I'm looking forward to seeing whichever project you finish first. The books sounds inspirational.JB

  20. your drawings are so sweet, i love nature journaling. and that book too, one of my very favorites. love your creamy wool, it's so pretty.

  21. Thanks for the book tip. Deb - I would like to know more for some of my classes this year. Love "Country Diary" but - don't know if I can attain such a lofty goal . . .


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