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Thursday, February 9, 2012

crystal theodore sanchez

The small Christmas tree residing in Erin's bedroom this December was so happy and lively that we extended his stay through January.  A couple of weeks ago when finally retired, he left a little buddy behind. The family was seated at the evening table for devotions when little Hermie (short for Crystal Theodore Sanchez... don't ask) crawled out from his hiding place behind my husband's hat to say hello.  The girls did what any other 'home-schooled their whole lives so they don't know that teenage girls don't do things like this' girls would do.  They built it a habitat, replete with color coordinated bow, placed it on a doily and proceeded to Google.  Hermie is an inchworm, did you see him in the fourth picture?  He's in the exact center.  He's the fat looking pine needle attached to the thin one.  

For days I would come downstairs in the morning and take the lid off and search and search, convinced that somehow in the night he had just vanished.  When I did find him I would be amazed at his outstanding camouflage.  He truly does look just like a pine needle, from above and below.  We knew that he had to have come from Erin's Christmas tree as Larry had just taken it out prior to sitting at the table, so we placed a small snippet from the tree in with him.  If we weren't positive before, we knew for certain once we saw him (or didn't see him, actually) against the foliage that yes, he definitely was created to live in that particular type of tree.

He seems to be happy to be living here with us.  We even harbor hopes of seeing a metamorphosis.  This isn't our area of expertise so we are just happily observing and caring for Hermie.  Well, what would you do?

Blessings, Debbie     


  1. Does he need to eat anything?????

  2. Okay, I'm blind. I STILL can't see Crystal Theodore Sanchez. I'm going to have to go back and look some more! blessings ~ Tanna

  3. I counted down five pictures. I looked. I looked some more. I held the screen closer. I still can't see him either! But his place of honor keeps him in the family's mind--and he certainly fits right in :)

  4. I found him! What will you do with him when he grows up? Maa

  5. Alright, I think I found him, but I am hoping for more pictures soon! :)
    We collect many critters in jars too and then after a while they are released. An inch worm sounds fun, the spiders we had not so much!

  6. I think I found him, but of course, I am not too sure....My eyes are old. I hope you have fun with your new family addition!!!

  7. I found him! I found him! Well, I think I did. Great cameouflage! Fun to have a mini beast to watch at this time of year. I don't suppose he'd fair very well outside at the moment.

  8. We had hundreds of inchworms measuring us all summer at La Ti Da! the would come trailing down from the sky (tree branches) on invisible lines and earnestly measure whatever they landed on. We had the whole set, too...inch, half inch, quarter inch, three eighths....

  9. I'm completely pathetic. I. can. not. find. him. I have been looking and looking. This is going to drive me bananas.

    And your girls are just plain fun.

    1. I finally found him by placing my cursor over the exact middle of the picture!

  10. Such imagination and so kind! Your girls are light-hearted and fun, Debbie.
    We tell the Herbie the Worm story at our house.

  11. How hospitable of your sweet girls to offer Crystal Theodore Sanchez...Hermie for short (this cracks me up!)...such a lovely home! (I must trust that Hermie is in there, for try as I might , I cannot see him/her.)

    (Thank you for your input on the Asian soup recipe. I smile every time I think of "Shake it baby! Come to think of it, you often make me smile.)

    Weekend blessings to you, my dear friend! ♥

  12. I think I need an eye exam. Can't find him! I believe you are correct about home-schooled girls. I don't think think too many young gals would be interested in keeping a worm.

  13. Oh I'm so glad it wasn't a spider! I was just waiting for the picture of the a big, ugly hairy thing. I think Hermie is a wonderful name for an inch worm. :)

  14. you guys are so funny, LOL! Say 'hi' for me to those creative teens full of imagination - and of course to Hermie!!
    PS. i did indeed manage to find him in that picture - but only after enlarging it!

  15. Very funny. Only homeschooler would do this! At first I thought 'hmmm, strange, she's showing us a few pine needle branches in a jar...okay, maybe some apothecary action or homeschool project". Now I see him. You ask what I would do...squis- oops, I mean I would probably place him outside! :)

  16. Catching up with you, Deb, and enjoying all your recent adventures - the yarn dying was so nifty! Love the fingerless gloves - I wear them all the time in the winter - in the house! I'd have loved the paper dolls, too! The inch worm, here, was a hoot - like trying to find Waldo - only he's easier to find! Think I did see him, though - hope Hermie makes it to chrysalis time!

    BTW - sorry - my Dickens' editions are NFS - love to actually read them, too!


  17. This is so fascinating to me Debbie, you have the most wonderful adventures in your life. Thanks for sharing. As always a joy to visit.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  18. Sorry... Can't seeeeeeee him. :-)

    But love the part about how your girls, not knowing that teen age girls scream and run, at such a sight......

    Oh isn't it lovely, that they have their own reaction? NOT the -programed-total-teen reactions. Yes! It! Is! Lovely!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog. Because of this, I got to (nearly) meet *Little Hermie.* :-)

    Gentle hugs...

    "How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man
    who insists on treating her
    as if she were a perfectly normal human being."

    ~Oscar Wilde

  19. awww. an inchworm for a pet. cute!
    I guess I would let him go, cause that's my nature.
    but I don't think letting him hang out a few more days would hurt anyone too much. ; )

  20. How like so many things in our lives, both the dear and the not so dear: so good at camouflage that you are scarcely aware that they are there - but living non the less. I love the home-educated child's mind: always learning. You have given them a great gift - well, more than only that one, but that one surely. I still see it in my grown and marrieds. And I see it in you and me both, in our spiritual explorations and love of what cannot be seen but only felt.

  21. I've stared and stared and I think maybe, just maybe, I spotted her. Too funny.

  22. couldn't find the little critter...but I do like that embroidery hanging on your wall!

  23. I will have to take your word for it because I can't find him! Sounds like a fun project.

  24. What a wonderful nature observation opportunity! I would so do the SAME thing. [o= I do hope you keep us updated on how Hermie is doing.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))


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