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Thursday, November 17, 2011

a knitting carol

Tis the season to knit booties
fa lalalala lala la la
take a look, pygora cuties
fa lalalala lala la la
loving so my knitting needles
fa lala lalala la la la
ready for this knitting spree(dles)
(you try rhyming with needles!  it was either get creative or figure out how to use beetles!)
fa lalalala la la la la!

The mulberry pygora is from my friend's goat.  I spun a loose single to maintain the luscious softness of the fiber and they are pure heaven!  One ounce gave me enough yarn to make just shy of 2 pairs of booties. Next time I'll get one and a half ounces which will be more than enough.  I'm going to knit several pair to have on hand because we are welcoming babies left and right.  Such a wonderful time!

Joining Linda's Creative Friday
and Fiber Arts Friday 
Blessings, Debbie


  1. That really made me chuckle - although I will now be singing that song all day!

    Love the first picture - beautiful basket of yarny goodness :)

  2. Your falalalala lala la la baby bootie christmas carol had me singing along and imagining a lovely baby bootie christmas tree with all the sweet baby booties hanging ready for christmas. x

  3. Lovin' the pretty, soft, fuzzy purple ones-Happy Weekend:@)

  4. Beautiful!

    Your knitting carol is sweet! Those booties sweeter yet.


  5. You are just too funny! Love the booties too.
    Hey, have you started your pottery class yet?
    You know I will be attending with you in spirit!

  6. I need to have a knitting spreedle too, or else someone will only be getting one sock for Christmas! The booties are adorable!

  7. Beautiful basket of booties!! I'll be hearing that song all day while I am working on a backsplash! LOL! faa laa laa... blessings ~ tanna

  8. Spreedles!! Love it - there is no law against made up words in poetry!! :)

    So what did you use to dye the wool?

  9. I like it, how lovely too that you have goat wool fresh from the goat!

  10. Hi Debbie, glad to see that all is well over here. Your dressed up doggies in the previous post are absolutely precious! Fun indeed! Love all that pretty yarn and your knitted booties. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  11. Feel the cozy baby tootsies
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    They are warmed by baby bootsies
    Fa la la la la, la la la la....
    (that's all the farther I can go)

    Sweet yarn! Sweet booties!

  12. Debbie, your posts almost always make me smile...as I am doing as I read your clever "knitting carol"! Oh, I soooooo agree with you about wishing that we lived near enough to play. You would teach me to knit...I would help you paint your cabinets...and that's just the beginning! It's a joy to even imagine it!

    Our hearts are knit together in His love. ♥

  13. P.S. I can imagine that it is hard to get enthused about painting white on white. It's always more fun if there is a change. We are planning to change out our countertop too...from off-white formica to wood. People think we're crazy (a WOOD countertop?!), but I know what I want. Not to mention that it will be much cheaper that anything else. And I need (need?) a new sink as mine has rusted out around the entire perimeter, but I'm afraid that a sink is a higher cost item, so will have to wait a while. Anyway...my husband is usually the kind that can't do anything at all unless we're ready to do the whole project...so when he agreed that we could paint the cabinets...woo hoo! And now I'm chomping at the bit!

    I know...TMI.
    My husband also says that I can't make a long story short. Ever.

  14. Yay for babies! And pygora booties! Goodness, those babies are going to be terribly spoiled. ;) (Heehee spreedles).

  15. Hello-
    Thanks for stopping by my little sunny spot in blog land:) I must say I am taken by the quote at the top of your blog...Laura Ingalls, how I have always loved her, and these words are perfect for this place I am in right now....consciously trying to choose so many elements of our life, to foster the healthy happy development of our children and love the time we have together. Your knitting is incredible!
    All the best to you,

  16. This is when I wish I knitted and spun fiber. I have the best teacher to teach me but I am just a poor learner.
    I love the way the fiber looks it just makes me want to reach through the screen to touch it.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. I made one little bootie yesterday....I couldn't believe how easy it was! I just don't know what I think about the seam being sewn together at the top of the bootie instead of the bottom.....maybe I just need to do a better job. :) I am thinking I may add some rows at the beginning also....so there is more of a top to turn over. So do these stay on babies tiny feet pretty good?

  18. Congratulations on all of the forthcoming babies. :-D

  19. I love your knitting carol alas I cannot knit. I will hum it anyways now that it is in my head. Have a great weekend. B

  20. I adore Pygora and having booties made out of them would be pure heaven for any baby.

  21. There's nothing better than knitting for babies!

  22. Excellent use of rhyme! My you have been busy with the booties. Reading back I see that you've been at it for some time and having fun, too. Yay for all the new babies!

  23. Such cute, soft, adorable booties. Can you make some in an adult size for me? ;-)

    And you are just so funny!

  24. I must knit some booties! I have denim furniture, too. It's cozy, isn't it?

  25. So very pretty! I do love your denim couch too!



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