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Friday, May 13, 2011

who's bruce?

It's a good thing we showed up when we did!
Otherwise who would have held up the scaffolding?  Or is she trying to push it over?  Hmm.

you're welcome very much

Who would have risked life and limb to deliver up the tools?

modern day hieroglyphics 

Or purposed to leave a legacy for future generations?

it's really no big deal as long as you don't look down

Who would have sacrificed themselves to the heights just to keep their dear brother company?  Hmm?

Not Bruce,  I'll tell you that much.  In fact, what do we need Bruce for?

You're outta here!

*Just a little camera fun folks.  Don't worry... we can't get rid of him that easily!
  (Just kidding Bruce, we couldn't do it without you!)

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Sounds like a lil goofing around while the work is getting done:) OH yeah a two-fer-one deal! LOL

  2. Hehe! Love the hieroglyphics.

    I did the join on my bracelets by just kitchenering both ends together. I pulled out the cast on edge to leave live stitches (rather than doing a provisional) and it worked great!

  3. You're a real character, Debbie!

  4. That is a cute post! Debbie...YOU are my GIVEAWAY WINNER!!! Will you pleas email me your address and I will get all of this sent off to you as soon as possible. (julieharward@gmail.com) and again...CONGRATULATIONS, I am so happy for you! :D

  5. Debbie, just popping in for a visit from Julie's blog and want to congratulate you on winning her apron and cookbook giveaway! I am now following your blog. I love griddle dude! and intentionally unintentional gardening style! xo

  6. :D Cute post !
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  7. Dear Debbie,

    Hi again! Thanks for coming by my blog once more; my book is definitely applicable for girls of all ages. I'll have to go back and make that more clear! It's good for moms, too. :)



    p.s. Bruce had better watch out! :)

  8. LOL! Looks like a fun time was had by all! blessings ~ tanna

  9. Thanks for the chuckle as I unwind on this Saturday night (or is it Sunday morning?) after a busy, busy week of "vacation"! Ha!

  10. Oh goodness, high places are not my thing so just looking at that not-quite-straight scaffold makes my tummy feel funny. Glad you guys had fun, though, looks like fabulous weather, which we are enjoying, too. And I especially love the "modern day hieroglyphics."

  11. I had to come over and visit; Julie Harward send me and if Julie likes sometone, then they have to be a quality person indeed...I like quality people!
    I loved the photos...I'm not certain I'd have climbed on that scaffolding, but then again, in my older years, I feel a little more 'earth-bond' :)

  12. you really had my laughing here! Thanks for visiting me, by the way. I love all your pics on your sidebar!!


  14. Hehehe! What a fun post! Poor Bruce getting picked on like that ;o)!



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