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Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy birthday sweet sixteen!

Today is a very special day.  Today is the day my goofy, gorgeous, dreamy, talented, helpful, treasured bookworm turns 16!

And so I have compiled a list I so cleverly call:  


1.  The way she holds her mouth like a closed o when she is drawing.
2.  The way she harmonizes when she and her sister belt out songs while doing the dishes.
3.  The way you can't get her to sing at church at all.
4.  The way she loves on our animals (whether they like it or not).

5.  The way she transforms into Betty Crocker just by putting on her apron.
6.  The way she has always been in character since she was old enough for dress up. 
7.  The way she spoils her siblings (and hints for them to spoil her back).
8.  The way she is such a crazy mixture of her father and I.

9.   The way she still gets nervous about using the telephone.
10. The way she still manages to get food on her face when she eats.
11. The way she manages to get food everywhere when she is cooking.
12. The way she still loves 'pink blankie' (though she no longer asks me to make tiny pancakes for her).

13. The way she fusses over setting a table.
14. The way she will find any excuse for a fussy table.
15. The way she makes me feel, without words.
16. The fact that she is not embarrassed to tell me how she feels, with words.

Her Father and I named her Erin because it means Peaceful.  She was the best baby.  Peaceful and content. Now that she is a lady, our prayer for her is that as she carries her name with its meaning into adulthood, she will share her good gifts with whoever the Lord brings into her life.  What a blessing she will be to her husband and children!

I have to add one more to the list...

16+. The way she blushes.

Happy Birthday sweetie.
Blessings, Debbie


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Erin, she certainly sounds like a blessing to the family...might have something to do with a mom who sings high praises and shows how she loves her children. xo

  2. You asked if my huneysuckle was blooming and I can say definitly it is and it is driving my allergies crazy.. That picture was taken on Tuesday. Thanks for coming to visit my blog.

  3. Oh yes, I forgot to wish your daughter a Happy Birthday !!

  4. Debbie, that is just beautiful! I only have one daughter who I also named Erin. I think girl's with that name are pretty special. Happy birthday to yours....and happy day to you too.

  5. Very nice and you are a sweet Mommy. My youngest will be sixteen at the end of the month. It goes by to fast doesn't it.

  6. What a very sweet and fun list about Erin! Happy sweet 16 to your beautiful girl!

  7. Happy Birthday! Both of my kids are bookworms. Erin sounds like a lovely young lady who will be successful in anything she does :) Have a happy day of celebrating!!

  8. that was such a sweet list. Happy Birthday to her!

  9. Happy Birthday to my BFF! Love ya lots Erin! And yes, you harmonize even when we're doing dishes at my house. :)

  10. Absolutely precious! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter and happy birthing day to you! I love the name Erin! Although I only had one daughter.. if I had been blessed with more, that name was on our list!

  11. I'm having a hard enough time thinking that my oldest will be turning 7 this year. I cannot imagine turning 16!

  12. A very Happy Birthday Erin.
    What I wonderful way to describe your sweet sixteen cherub. You are such a loving mother and I hope she realises how lucky she is. That is a gift in itself. Maa.

  13. Happy Birthday to your sweet Erin!
    I hope it's her best birthday yet!..:)

    Sweet blessings to you too for a Happy Mother's Day!!


  14. Happy Birthday, Erin! What a sweet post!

  15. Oh, what a precious tribute to your dear Erin!

  16. What a precious way to celebrate your daughter! My sweet Rose will be turning 15 in a couple of days. You have inspired me to give her something that will feed her soul.

  17. Beautiful way to celebrate your daughter! A mother and daughter's love is very special! blessings to you both! tanna

  18. Wishing your wonderful Erin a belated sweet sixteen!

  19. What a lovely, lovely tribute to your special girl! I loved the part about making the tiny pancakes...reminds me of when my daughter was younger! :)

  20. Cherished by her mother. Blessed girl.


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