"Let's be cheerful"! We have no more right to steal the brightness out of the day for our own family than we have to steal the purse of a stranger. Let us be as careful that our homes are furnished with pleasant & happy thoughts as we are that the rugs are the right color and texture & the furniture comfortable and beautiful"! Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a visit

before haircut -her- not him

This past weekend my good, good son in law brought my girl home for a visit.  

After an evening of worry over their bird (she was obviously sick) they decided to bring Bailey with them.  She seems to be just fine now, thank you.  

The weekend was rather whirlwind.  They arrived shortly after noon on Saturday and left around 6:30 Sunday evening.  

guess who?

I'm just thankful they decided to go ahead and make the 150 mile journey.

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  I'm glad that they thought this visit was a gotta!

Blessings,  Debbie

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