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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

beautiful creation

Audrey, Hillary, Erin - July 2010

So much money is spent today trying to achieve perfection.  Style is something to be sought and bought. In a time when more and more people are joining the ranks of the frugal I believe we are going to see an explosion in creativity.  And in the process people are going to find something that they didn't even know they were missing.  A deep sense of what it means to create.  A sense of the relationship between the creation and the creator.  I'm a Christian who knows her Creator.

When looking at the myriad designs in a seashell.  The outrageous colors and patterns of a peacock feather. The incredible design of the human body.  How can we who understand creating deny The Creator?

How exciting it is to cast on the first row for a knitting project.  It's exciting because casting on is not the first step of the project.  First I had to have the idea to knit.  Then I decided what I wanted to knit.  I pored over patterns; toys, dishcloths, sweaters, hats.  I decided on a sweater.  Now, I didn't just start knitting.  There were more decisions to be made.  Should it be feminine?  Or utilitarian?  Slouchy?  Fitted? Short sleeves, long sleeves or no sleeves?  How about cables?  Stripes?  Buttonholes?  Ties?

By the time I am casting on, my mind has had a workout and now the fun begins.  The physical act of creating.

hat in team colors

Now, imagine with me that I just throw a pile of yarn on the ground.  It eventually becomes a sweater?  And not just any sweater but one with intricate pattern and precise arrangement of color?

Let's take another step back because I just assumed that I had spun, plied yarn to start with. Instead, I have a pile of unwashed, uncarded, unspun fleece before me.

Erin 2010

I stare at it for years and it is still a pile of fleece.  It may be a bit felted if left in the weather but it certainly does not have the stamp of design.  In fact it probably is not attractive in even a rustic sort of way.  So now let's add millions of years.  Maybe with millions of years it will have managed to add not just exciting colors but design.    

As I cast on for my sweater I am thankful to have been shown over and over through what is created and through my act of creating, the Truth that is more beautiful than fiction.  And the more I study, the more I know.

Blessings, Debbie


  1. I am not a knitter but I so totally agree that we are going to see more creativity because the the economy, but in so doing we are going to also see our Creator, who is the author of all creativity!
    Great post. Let the explosion begin..starting with me!

  2. I was just talking about the amazing diversity in nature at work today. How can anyone think that it happened randomly?

  3. Love the post mom! I so agree with all of you, God is amazing!

  4. beautiful post. the start of your sweater looks great, i love the colour

  5. I just happened upon your beautiful blog today. This post is gorgeous. I am trying hard to instill an appreciation for "making" in my children. Thank you for putting into words an idea that is in my heart.

    Gorgeous dresses on your dear girls.


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