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Thursday, March 14, 2013

a true story!

; )  a true story
Debbie Penington

From murky blue and gray to black 
It pulled away and then rushed back
Pounding rocks and tickling toes, across the sand.. I watched it go!

I gave a giggle then ran a-wry 
wanting to keep my tootsies dry
It grabbed my ankles and would Not. Let. Go.  Ack! Shackled by the undertow

Oh, what to do could this be true?  
I was whisked into the ocean blue
First bobbed and lolled then tossed a-shore, I awoke in Anderson's fairy lore

For as I tried to stand I'd fail 
Crippled by.. my mermaid's tail?!
And that is how (now I regale), I came to rest beside the whale.

A silly pair beached near the waves, he wanted back in and I wanted.. legs!

  Blessings, Debbie


  1. That is fun! It made me smile. Hope you found your legs again!

  2. Fun!

    You are talented Debbie!

    Great words and photos!

    You've made me long for the ocean....


  3. That's an adorable poem! Very whimsical. I love a mermaid with attitude :)

  4. I can't write with rhyme and meter to save my life...fun, fun, funny.

    Since I can't find your email and blogger won't let me reply to your in-box feed. I've been trying to sew about an hour a day near the end of the day before supper (I use my crock pot constantly so I seldom have much cooking to do in the evening).

    I also sew on Saturday. The problem is now my reading is suffering - although, the incident last book club contributed too the reading lull too.

  5. The photos are beautiful and the words were lovely to read - thank you for sharing!


  6. Heehee! What a great poem! I'm so glad you're feeling better. The ocean (and the One who made it) has a good way of fixing things. :)

  7. Hahaha..love it! You most certainly have a 'tail' to tell!! xo

  8. Oh I love this the photo images and the beautiful image now created in my mind are wonderful thank you. B

  9. Beautiful pictures and very fun tale & tail! :)

  10. Was it scary? Hope you are standing tall again!
    Love your poems...a lot.

  11. Girl, you are too funny! (Although I can imagine being unnerved by that very whale-like things if I were beached beside it...yikes!)

    Great story...great poem! :)

  12. Ha! That is too cute. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Wonderful! You are so talented! Love the photos too! Makes me long for summer days.


  14. This was very very humorous! I thought it looked like a manatee at first. I'm so glad you were able to get away, renew, and share with the rest of us. What beautiful pictures! I'm afraid I would not want to leave if I were there.


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