"Let's be cheerful"! We have no more right to steal the brightness out of the day for our own family than we have to steal the purse of a stranger. Let us be as careful that our homes are furnished with pleasant & happy thoughts as we are that the rugs are the right color and texture & the furniture comfortable and beautiful"! Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, November 1, 2012

a flip of the calendar page

Just a little something to rock your world in case you've had your head in the sand.  Erin with a swoon-y look on her face cooed yesterday, "Mom, did you realize that tomorrow Christmas will be next month?".. :{  Well, today is tomorrow.   Click, click, clickety click, click click...  that's the sound of my needles on hyper speed! 

Blessings, Debbie


  1. You know, a month or two ago I was excited for that thought. Now I'm having a moment of terror.

  2. Oh yes I could imagine the the gears have been shifted into high gear now. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. Don't scare me like so...


  4. So true.. and not so far away!

  5. At the speed you knit, I'm sure that by Christmas you will have lots of knitted gifts done. The pages of the calendar is really turning too fast for me too.
    Have a good November.

  6. My embroidery needle is going in-and-out!

  7. Love to know what your knitting for gifts this year

  8. Hmmm. Clickity, click, click is right... My how time flies! Making my list and checking it twice. :)

  9. As my daughter would say, "That's going in the family quote book."
    My girls have the Christmas bug already too.
    I need to START some kind of project.
    Happy November!

  10. Oh, yes! I am in that small panic mode with you!
    Better get a list and a plan together!

  11. My needles are clickety clacking right along with you, panic may set in if I think about The LIST. So I am thinking one row at a time.

  12. Too funny....Benjamin is already counting down and I just can't get my head going that direction....keep knitting!


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