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Friday, October 12, 2012

home again, home again..

Flashback Friday

For a time I'm going to use Fridays to record the events I missed posting this summer.. those I want to remember and share...

July 2012 ~ Thanks to a tremendous effort put forth by his family, her family, extended family and friends... they found home... again.  After months of commuting, this cute little rental house presented itself to the 'kids'.  It's just 10 minutes from his place of employment and 5 from his family.  

We should have pictures of the packing on the other end and the cleaning before the chaos on this end. There should be pictures of the wonderful meal his mother prepared for the crew and the impromptu lemonade stand his 6 year old brother set up in the dining room. But we were busy!!  

We drove back home over the mountain just 36 hours after arriving and almost everything was unpacked and in place down to the hanging of pictures on the wall.  Their home sweet home is sweet indeed.

Blessings, Debbie


  1. Big and good changes. :)

    What a blessing it went so well.

  2. Web did weird things.

    What a blessing - good things - so glad it went smoothly.

  3. So exciting! And what a cute place! I am always amazed when someone moves into a place and it immediately looks like it's been lived in forever. My sister (who has moved more times than I can count!) can do that. Practice makes perfect? I have no practice, as we have only moved once in 34 years of marriage.

    Important question: Are they closer to you? =D

  4. I love how things work out! That is a cute home and I know it must be filled with love!
    Have a great weekend Debbie.

  5. 36 hours?! Wow, do you want to come help next time we move? That's incredible! Glad they are settled into their new place. :)

  6. What a great job of finding a neat little place so close to work and family and settling in. They must be so pleased. Thanks for sharing. JB

  7. Oh cool we get to see what you did this summer! Are they far from you all? I have finally come up for air for awhile and I will visit as much as I can. Missed you my friend.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  8. Good for them! Wow...great help to get everything done! I hope they will be very happy there!

  9. But, wait. How close to you are they? I am so impressed that you got it all done in 36 hours. What a blessing for them...

  10. How wonderful to be setting up housekeeping. JOY!

  11. That's sweet!

    You all must have been exhausted! But it is so worth it!



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